Scientists Discover Hidden Asteroid Crater Under a Mile of Greenland Ice

Research partially funded by Carlsberg beer company found an asteroid impact underneath Greenland’s Hiawatha Glacier.
Becky Ferreira
9 hours ago
woolsey fire

California’s Woolsey Fire Burns Near Site of Nuclear Meltdown, Sparking Panic

The owner of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Boeing, says the wildfire may have started “on or near” the contaminated Los Angeles facility.
Sarah Emerson
11 hours ago

Comcast Forced to Refund $700,000 to Customers Over Misleading Fees

A new settlement with Massachusetts explains that Comcast advertised one rate, then charged customers more when the bill actually arrived.
Karl Bode
12 hours ago
data science

The Data Scientist Tracking America’s White Supremacists

Emily Gorcenski is using her background as a data scientist to keep track of white nationalist court cases.
Matthew Gault
13 hours ago

Scientists Discover ‘Super-Earth’ That’s Only Six Light Years Away

Astronomers have been looking for exoplanets around Barnard’s Star for decades. Now, they’ve finally spotted one.
Becky Ferreira
13 hours ago

Build Your Own Emoji to Discover Uncharted Big Moods

A new web widget by Philipp Antoni puts the power of emoji expression in your hands.
Samantha Cole
13 hours ago
The Weakest Link

How Kevin Mitnick Stole the Source Code for the Best Cell Phone of 1992

While on the run from the feds, Kevin Mitnick stole the source code of the Motorola MicroTAC Ultralite, the most advanced cellphone at the time, with a few phone calls.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
13 hours ago
Greatest Moments in Hacking History

How a Hacker Convinced Motorola to Send Him Source Code

Famed hacker Kevin Mitnick sets up a social engineering attack against Motorola to steal the source code for the MicroTAC Ultralite cellphone.
The Weakest Link

How Hackers Sell Luxury Hotel Rooms for Next to Nothing

From Bangkok to New York, fraudsters have an established, underground market of selling dirt cheap rooms at 5 star hotels as well as international flights.
Joseph Cox
14 hours ago
Video Games

'Battlefield V' Shows the Series Needs to Give Up on Single Player

The War Stories in 'Battlefield V' tell us new stories, but the gameplay is all too familiar—is it time for the series to give up on single player and focus on what it does best?
Matthew Gault
15 hours ago
The Weakest Link

Why Is Antivirus Software Still a Thing?

Antivirus has been around for more than 20 years. Do you still need it to protect yourself today?
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
17 hours ago
The Weakest Link

What Constant Surveillance Does to Your Brain

Technology is getting more adept at tracking our moves and anticipating our choices, and being watched all the time can make us feel anxious.
Kaleigh Rogers
18 hours ago