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Tom DeLonge’s UFO Organization Is $37.4 Million in Debt

A recent filing with the SEC from To the Stars Academy “raise doubts about the company’s ability to continue.”
Daniel Oberhaus
28 minutes ago

Watch This Random Guy Strip Down In an Aquarium and Swim With the Sharks

Also, it was jazz night.
Jordan Pearson
2 hours ago

Climate Change Will Cause Beer Shortages and Price Hikes, Study Says

Hundreds of millions of people may lose the luxury of enjoying a cold one on a hot day.
Becky Ferreira
3 hours ago
climate change

The UN's Devastating Climate Change Report Was Too Optimistic

The IPCC has been criticized for being "too alarmist. If anything, it is the opposite. With their latest report, they have been overly conservative."
Nafeez Ahmed
3 hours ago
climate change

Experts Want to Label Foods That Are Environmentally Unfriendly

Denmark has been toying with the idea of an environmental impact label on food products for years, and in the wake of the latest UN climate change report, the idea is getting renewed attention.
Kaleigh Rogers
4 hours ago

One Thousand Cranes

A tale befitting the power and tragedy of the age of climate change.
Zora Mai Quỳnh
a day ago

We Still Don’t Understand the Superstorms of the Anthropocene

Hurricane Michael has killed five people and counting in Virginia—more than 800 miles from where the storm first made landfall.
Caroline Haskins
3 days ago
Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking’s Last Paper Is Now Online

The black hole information paradox fascinated Hawking for decades, and is the topic of his final research study.
Becky Ferreira
3 days ago

Scientists Bred Healthy Baby Mice From Same-Sex Parents for the First Time

The pups with two mothers turned out perfectly healthy, but things didn’t turn out so well for the mice with two fathers.
Daniel Oberhaus
3 days ago

Facebook Says 14 Million People Got Their Location Data and Private Search History Stolen

The social network elaborated on the recent data breach, explaining exactly what kind of data the hackers accessed, and revealing that the victims were 30 million, and not 50 million users.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
3 days ago

Still More Evidence That All Weed Is the Same

Researchers found almost identical levels of THC and CBD in three-quarters of the strains they analyzed, which suggests it's the minor cannabinoids that makes weed strains different.
Daniel Oberhaus
3 days ago
The Plug

‘Pose’ Star Angelica Ross is Amplifying the Voices of Transgender Tech Workers

The breakout star of “Pose” is an outspoken advocate for transgender rights in front of the camera and behind the scenes, taking an untraditional path to train a community of tech workers.
Jenna Milliner-Waddell
Tyler Young
3 days ago