Thieves Somehow Stole 100 Car2Go Cars in Chicago

The company says it was not a “hack,” but Chicago police say that some of the carsharing cars may still be unaccounted for.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
13 hours ago

This YouTuber Built a Working PC Out of Pasta

“This has been a very long project that I’m mildly proud of,” said Micah Laplante.
Rob Dozier
13 hours ago

Review Units of Samsung's Folding Smartphone Have Broken Almost Immediately

The Samsung Galaxy Fold costs $1,980, but multiple reviewers say theirs has broken after just a day of use.
Matthew Gault
15 hours ago
Video Games

Nintendo Updates the Switch With a Critical Feature for Visually Impaired Gamers

Every major console now comes with the ability to zoom in, a critical feature for many users.
Matthew Gault
16 hours ago
Sidewalk Labs

Canada Is Getting Sued Over Sidewalk Labs’ ‘Smart City’ In Toronto

The Google affiliate's Quayside project has been hit by a massive legal challenge from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association targeting all three levels of government.
Jordan Pearson
18 hours ago
big telecom

The Unpopular Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Looks Increasingly Doomed

Regulators aren’t sold on the companies’ claims that fewer competitors means more competition and lower prices.
Karl Bode
18 hours ago
In Moderation

Machine Learning Identifies Weapons in the Christchurch Attack Video. We Know, We Tried It

It took 29 minutes for a Facebook user to first report the livestream of the Christchurch terrorist. Now a machine learning system spots weapons in the stream with an over 90 percent confidence rating.
Joseph Cox
19 hours ago
climate change

Western Industrial Farming Is Eating Our Forests and Accelerating Climate Change

The dynamics of deforestation are increasingly inseparable from the growing demand for food from consumers in the most developed countries.
Nafeez Ahmed
19 hours ago

After Facebook and Web Host Bans, Far-Right Extremists Are Encrypting and Going IRL

Like ISIS, white nationalist extremist groups are feeling the pinch of internet shutdowns, but are organizing on encrypted channels and meeting up IRL.
Ben Makuch
Mack Lamoureux
20 hours ago
climate change

Climate ‘Realists’ Are Delusional

So-called “realistic” responses to climate change don't literally refer to what’s possible. They just refer to what maintains the political status quo.
Caroline Haskins
21 hours ago

Canadian Cops Will Scan Social Media to Predict Who Could Go Missing

Critics say that predictive models will lead to false positives and could disproportionately affect vulnerable communities.
Nathan Munn
a day ago

After Notre Dame Fire, Players Return to Its Recreation in 'Assassin's Creed Unity'

The iconic cathedral is perfectly preserved in Ubisoft's 2014 game 'Assassin's Creed Unity,' and players are making the most of it.
Matthew Gault
2 days ago