Cheetah Poaching

Traffickers Are Using Instagram and YouTube as Black Markets for Live Cheetahs

A new report identified more than 900 advertisements for poached cheetahs on social media.
Sarah Emerson
12 hours ago

From Joe Rogan to the Far Right: Inside YouTube's Alt-Media Ecosystem

"Really, it is this fully fledged different media system with a totally different logic than mainstream media."
Caroline Haskins

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Cut a Cyst Out of Logan Paul

They’re squeezing out all the content they can get from this cyst.
Caroline Haskins
data hoarding

This Data Hoarder Is Downloading the Metadata of Roughly 10 Billion YouTube Videos

Reddit’s data hoarding community is all too familiar with massive archival projects, but collecting all of YouTube’s metadata presents some unique challenges.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Rise of T-Series, the YouTube Channel That Will Soon Dethrone PewDiePie

An Indian entertainment channel is poised to take over as the largest YouTube channel in the world.
Ankita Rao

This Guy Made a Working Laser Cannon Arm From ‘Metroid’

The YouTuber used a 2.5 watt laser and a bunch of custom 3D printed parts to create a working replica of Samus Aran’s iconic weapon.
Matthew Gault
Content ID

This Music Theory Professor Just Showed How Stupid and Broken Copyright Filters Are

Automated takedown systems don’t work, stifle free expression online.
Karl Bode
Video Games

'Let's Just Vibe:' Watch the Moment the 'Halo 2' Theme Was Created

Legendary producer Nile Rodgers and guitarist Steve Vai teamed up to create a heavy metal version of the iconic 'Halo' theme. Thanks to producer Martin O'Donnell, the fated session is now on YouTube.
Matthew Gault
wet unboxing

I Can't Stop Watching These Disgusting 'Wet Unboxing' Videos

Alex Frost opens packages of food underwater that should NOT go underwater.
Samantha Cole

Researchers Found That A Lot of Plastic Surgery YouTube Videos Are Just Marketing Schemes

Many videos about procedures don't feature medical professionals at all.
Samantha Cole

The Chemist Whose DIY Lasers Are Too Dangerous for YouTube

The YouTuber 'Styropyro' recycles tech to turn old parts into lightsabers and laser bazookas.
Matthew Gault

Deplatforming Works

Alex Jones says getting banned by YouTube and Facebook will only make him stronger. The research says that's not true.
Jason Koebler