We Asked 105 Experts What Gives Them Hope About the Future

Welcome to the bright side of Motherboard’s two-part poll about the future.
Becky Ferreira

Scientist Is 'Furious' the Media Misrepresented Her Research to Promote Drinking Teen Blood

Don’t go full vampire just yet.
Kaleigh Rogers
After Dark

Amsterdam Has a 'Night Mayor' and He's Not Here Just to Party

Motherboard sat down with Mirik Milan, the original Night Mayor, to discuss why a vibrant nightlife integral to a successful city.
Grennan Milliken

The Blood of the Young Might Really Be an Anti-Aging Elixir, Researchers Say

“Young Blood for Old Brains” lecture summarizes efforts to use the blood of young people to cure neurological diseases in the elderly.
Becky Ferreira

Engineering the End of Aging

A new drug that promises to stop muscles and brains from getting old.
Seung Lee
Motherboard Blog

Why You Should Plan Your Heart Attack for May Rather Than July

If you have to have one, that is.
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

Today's Coeds Are Having Less Sex Than Gen Xers Did

And maybe it's the internet's fault.
Daniel Stuckey
Motherboard Blog

Real-Life Confessional Boards Are Just As Awkward and Gross As Reddit

Walking through an urban college campus can be an extremely claustrophobic experience. With ever-increasing enrollment are one factor, there are the young and eagerly participatory students, destined to have you join a club or support a cause. "Buy a...
Daniel Stuckey
Motherboard Blog

In Hengxi, China, Deer Blood Is a Youth Potion

Put this in your holy grail: Deer blood. But markedly the blood of young sika deer, which people are spending their holidays traveling to a rural town in China to get a sip. Hengxi is home of a backwoods deer farm started by a man, Mr. Yang, who with...
Daniel Stuckey