mars rovers

A Rover Named After DNA Pioneer Rosalind Franklin is Headed for Mars in 2020

“This name reminds us that it is in the human genes to explore.”
Becky Ferreira
frickin laser beams

Physicists Made the Brightest Light Ever

The Diocles laser is as bright as one billion suns and could pave the way for next generation x-ray technology.
Daniel Oberhaus

This Photo Contains the Highest Concentration of Black Holes Ever Seen

This image provides unprecedented insight into the formation of black holes over the course of billions of years.
Daniel Oberhaus

Huge, Hyperluminous Black Hole Found Wandering Through the Universe

Four and a half billion light years from Earth, a black hole is lost and throwing a tantrum.
Samantha Cole

It Took 1700 Hours to Map a Fly’s Brain

Mapping a fruit fly’s neuronal network for the first time was an incredibly labor intensive task, but the result was a major step forward for neuroscience.
Daniel Oberhaus

This Camera Can Read a Book Without Opening It

A new imaging technique can read what is printed on the pages of a book without ever opening it.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Doomed Hitomi Telescope Had a Spectacular View of the Universe As It Died

It viewed a monster tangle of galaxies known as Perseus.
Kate Lunau

This Tool Shows How Your Email and Search History Gets Turned into Ads

Called "X-Ray," the tool opens up the black box of data that funds the internet.
Jordan Pearson
Motherboard Blog

X-Ray Vision Is Coming to Your Cell Phone

A surprisingly simple method using built-in wi-fi lets phones see through walls.
Jason Koebler
Motherboard Blog

Jack White Is Pressing His Next Record Project on Old Medical X-Rays

Another day, another unequivocally cool side project from Jack White and his boutique record label, Third Man Records.
Austin Considine
Motherboard Blog

X-Ray Vision Is Coming, Here's How

In reality, x-ray vision is no longer science fiction. It’s not quite like Superman — squint and see the neighbors planning a terrorist attack — but this year scientists have developed a couple of ways to potentially let you see through walls.
Adam Clark Estes
Motherboard Blog

The GIFt of Life: Biology in 12 Endless Loops

Bio-GIFs are the animated gifts biology has gifted to the Internets. And here's 10 of the best of them, presented in one particular order. Which is the order that the deterministic biology of my brain dictates as I type this post (we are all biological...