Internet Insecurity

Hacker Takes Over Pro Wrestler's Twitter Account, Protests Motherboard Investigation of Social Media Account Hacking

A member of OGUSERS hacked the pro wrestler Adam Cole with the goal of selling his Twitter account.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

John Cena Is a Robot Space Trucker in a New YouTube Originals Show

‘Dallas & Robo’ is all about hard drinking rednecks tearing ass through the stars.
Matthew Gault
The Squared Circle

Japanese Tape Trading Is the Vinyl of Professional Wrestling

IVP Videos is one of the last places online to find historical Japanese pro wrestling content, keeping tape trading relevant in 2017.
Bryan Rose
Squared Circle

WrestleMania Weekend Shows We've Hit Peak Pro Wrestling Streaming

It took years of experimenting, but the technology is now here to watch more live sports entertainment than was ever previously possible.
David Bixenspan
Squared Circle

A Community of Mega Fans Won't Let This Decade-Old Pro Wrestling Game Die

The people of Fire Pro Wrestling Arena bring a whole new meaning to the word "dedication."
Bryan Rose

John Cena May No Longer Be the King of Wrestling, But He Rules Instagram

What can John Cena’s weird Instagram, which is filled with in-jokes and cryptic images, tell us about how the superstar wrestler has rebranded himself?
Oliver Lee Bateman
Donald Trump

Why Trump Tagged Linda McMahon to Lead Small Business Administration

Donald Trump tagged in a wealthy donor and long-time friend, selecting WWE shareholder Linda McMahon to run the Small Business Administration.
Oliver Lee Bateman

How Pro Wrestling Fans Watched Foreign Matches Before the Internet

Back in the day you had to suffer to watch fake fighting.
Bryan Rose
short circuit

How Animated GIFs Helped Create an Indie Wrestling Boom

Thanks to social media’s word of mouth and the rise of streaming services, more pro wrestling can be seen than ever before.
Bryan Rose
short circuit

How ‘WWE 2K17’ Fixes the Series’ Longstanding Animation Awkwardness

How does an annual video game franchise improve itself from year to year? 2K gave Motherboard a hands-on look at WWE 2K17, and here’s what we found.
Kevin Wong

How a High-Profile Tragedy Helped WWE Think Differently About Brain Injuries

WWE taken a number of steps in the past decade to prevent injuries to its athletes, but a new lawsuit has reignited debate about the inherent danger of the profession.
Oliver Lee Bateman

Why Former Pro Wrestlers Are Now Suing the WWE Over Alleged Brain Injuries

Echoing the concerns of former football players, professional wrestlers are now blaming the WWE for brain injuries.
David Bixenspan