women in STEM

mars rovers

A Rover Named After DNA Pioneer Rosalind Franklin is Headed for Mars in 2020

“This name reminds us that it is in the human genes to explore.”
Becky Ferreira

This Food Scientist Wants to Save Lives With a Hypoallergenic Peanut

Hortense Dodo has pioneered a process for engineering safer peanuts that can prevent deadly reactions.
Becky Ferreira
Radio Motherboard

Jane Goodall Is on a 'Mission to Save the World'

The legendary anthropologist and conservationist spoke to Radio Motherboard for the premiere of ‘Jane,’ a new documentary on her early career.
Kaleigh Rogers
teens in space

A Teen’s International Space Station Experiment Will Help Us Colonize Mars

15-year-old Alia Almansoori got to watch her experiment get launched into space Monday.
Kaleigh Rogers
Starmus 2017

Sexist Comments Spark Outrage at Major Astronomy Festival

A panelist at Starmus said he trusts Siri with a "male" voice.
Kate Lunau
sexism in science

Machine Learning Reveals Systematic Sexism in Astronomy

Male astronomers are cited 10 percent more frequently than female astronomers in leading journals.
Becky Ferreira
humans of the year

Kendra Kuhl Is Building a Device That Turns Pollution Into Products

The CTO of Opus 12 has been trying to help the environment since she was a grad student.
Farnia Fekri
humans of the year

Startup Founder Thuy Truong’s Latest Venture Is Giving People the Will to Fight Cancer

After several of her promising business ventures ended, the 32-year-old received a shocking diagnosis. Now she’s using her experiences to help others.
Farnia Fekri
humans of the year

Angelica Ross Wants to Use Tech to Help People in Transition

The founder of TransTech went through a long journey to get to where she is today, and now she wants to help others with their own turning points in life.
Samantha Cole
humans of the year

Ellen Stofan Left NASA But She’s Still Trying to Push Humanity Forward

NASA's former chief scientist says when it comes to getting more women in science and tech, the progress is "too slow, I won’t lie to you."
Samantha Cole
humans of the year

Physicist Mary Gaillard Has Spent Over Three Decades Fighting For Women in Science

She was Berkeley's first tenured female physics professor, and she's still fighting for equality.
Farnia Fekri

More and More Science Grads Are Women. So Why Do So Few Make It to the Top?

Women at the top of their fields say bias is a real problem, and needs a structured approach to change.
Victoria Turk