Twitter Harassment of Woman Journalists and Politicians Happens Every 30 Seconds, Study Finds

The study by Amnesty International is purportedly the largest ever to examine the way women are harassed online at this scale.
Samantha Cole
nobel prize

Donna Strickland Wins Nobel Prize for Pioneering Work That Led to Development of Laser Tools

Strickland and Gérard Mourou discovered a way to stretch and amplify laser beams in the 1980s.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Women Pioneers of the Internet Say There Have Always Been Trolls

A new book released this week tells the untold stories of the internet’s early days.
Kaleigh Rogers
good ideas

‘VanitySec’ Is Where Hackers Get Fashion Tips

The new website that gets working in InfoSec doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish.
Louise Matsakis
sexism in science

Machine Learning Reveals Systematic Sexism in Astronomy

Male astronomers are cited 10 percent more frequently than female astronomers in leading journals.
Becky Ferreira
urban planning

Sexism and the City

Most cities were designed around men and their work. It's time for that to change.
Ankita Rao
everything is

Even the Rainforest Is Better Off When Women Have Reproductive Healthcare

But conservationists and health advocates have struggled to break out of silos and combine forces.
Kaleigh Rogers
stop it

Dear Startups: Fuck Your Nerf Battles

Nerf gun fights are tech culture's stupidest tradition.
Sarah Emerson
humans of the year

Ellen Stofan Left NASA But She’s Still Trying to Push Humanity Forward

NASA's former chief scientist says when it comes to getting more women in science and tech, the progress is "too slow, I won’t lie to you."
Samantha Cole
humans of the year

Physicist Mary Gaillard Has Spent Over Three Decades Fighting For Women in Science

She was Berkeley's first tenured female physics professor, and she's still fighting for equality.
Farnia Fekri
international women's day

How Thrill-Seeking Gearhead Beatrice Shilling Helped Win World War II

On the motorcycle track and in the male-dominated sphere of engineering, Beatrice Shilling knew how to shred.
Becky Ferreira

More Pregnant Moms Are Smoking Weed, and We’re Not Sure What That Means

The effects are still essentially unknown.
Madison Margolin