Hundreds of Thousands of Windows XP Users Won't Be Able to Use Steam Soon

Valve is kicking the operating system off its service starting January 2019. Upgrade or GTFO.
Matthew Gault

This E-Waste Recycler Is Going to Prison for Selling Windows Restore Discs to Put on Refurbished Computers

Eric Lundgren was sentenced to 15 months in prison and a $50,000 fine for creating ‘restore disks’ to extend the life of computers using Microsoft.
Daniel Oberhaus
zero days

Israeli Government Asked European Security Companies for Zero-Days in Unsolicited Emails

Israel cast a wide net in Europe too, looking to purchase zero-days for its law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Joseph Cox
zero days

Here’s the Letter Israel Sent to Solicit Zero-Days From American Hackers

In a peek into the way governments may source hacking tools, Motherboard obtained a 2015 letter the Israeli Ministry of Defense sent to US-based exploit developers.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Joseph Cox
Internet Insecurity

Lebanese Government Hackers Hit Thousands of Victims With Incredibly Simple Campaign

Security researchers uncover several years-long espionage and hacking campaigns, pinpointing them to a specific building in Beirut, Lebanon.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

'They Are Billions' Is Zerg Rush: The Game

One part of 'StarCraft,' over and over again, but in a good way.
Matthew Gault
Internet Insecurity

Hackers Could Silently Hack Your Cellphone And Computers Over Bluetooth

Security researchers reveal several new bugs that allowed hackers to hack into cellphones and computers simply because they had Bluetooth on.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Windows 10’s Built-In Linux Shell Could Be Abused to Hide Malware, Researchers Say

'Bashware' is a clever new type of malware that major antivirus programs can't detect.
Lucian Constantin

Someone Turned a Wii U Into a PC That Emulates Wii U

If it’s not broke, break it open and turn it into a PC I guess.
Samantha Cole

Microsoft: 'MS Paint Is Not Going Away'

You'll still be able to get it for free.
Emanuel Maiberg
Buddy system

Let This Electric Love Potato onto Your Desktop and into Your Soul

We spend our days in a virtual wasteland of loneliness, so why not take this desktop-enabled Potato companion along for the ride?
Jess Joho
Internet Insecurity

The New Shadow Brokers Leak Connects the NSA to the Stuxnet Cyber Weapon Used on Iran

Researchers have found a hidden gem inside the treasure trove of the new alleged NSA hacking tools dumped by the Shadow Brokers.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai