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A Mysterious Ocean ‘Blob’ Might Have Kept Female Whales From Getting Pregnant

Scientists believe the blob gives us a grim look at how climate change could affect whales.
Sarah Emerson
a day ago

There's a Dead Humpback Whale in the Amazon Jungle and Nobody Knows Why

The calf is estimated to have been one year old, and was found Friday on Marajó Island.
Becky Ferreira
dead whales

Rotting Whale Carcasses Are Bringing Risk of Shark Swarms to Australian Coast

The government of Western Australia revealed that a historic number of dead whales littered its beaches this year.
Sarah Emerson

Trump Wants to Allow Seismic Oil Surveys in the Atlantic Ocean

Companies can now apply for permits to shoot underwater airguns that hurt ecosystems to assess offshore drilling potential.
Becky Ferreira

Nearly 200 Whales Killed in Mass Strandings Within a Week in New Zealand

“The realization we could do nothing to save them was the worst feeling I have ever experienced.”
Becky Ferreira

As Ocean Predators Recover, Humans Need to Learn to Coexist

It’s great that sharks, whales, and sea otters are bouncing back in some marine areas. But it may also increase human-wildlife conflicts.
Becky Ferreira

Dead Sperm Whale Had 115 Plastic Cups, 1,000 Plastic Shards in its Stomach

The whale carcass washed up near Wakatobi National Park in Indonesia on Monday.
Becky Ferreira
Whale Poop

The Scientists Who Study Whale 'Defecation Events'

Whale poops fertilize ocean ecosystems, and also contain a wealth of information for marine scientists.
Becky Ferreira

Japan’s Latest Whale Hunt Killed 122 Pregnant Females and 114 Juveniles

It's the latest chapter in a legal saga over international whaling rules.
Becky Ferreira
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Researchers Are Livestreaming the Sound of the Bottom of the Sea

This underwater microphone is blasting the chatter of whales, sea lions, dolphins, and more.
Sarah Emerson
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A Killer Whale Killing Spree on the West Coast Is Actually Good News

Natural whale deaths benefit the whole ocean ecosystem. Human-caused ones, though, are another story.
Erica Cirino
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This 600-Pound Preserved Blue Whale Heart Will Last 1,000 Years

It's the first preserved blue whale heart in the world.
Lisa Cumming