Three of China's Biggest Bitcoin Exchanges Are Shutting Down

The announcements come in response to a Chinese directive to halt Bitcoin trades by the end of the month
Daniel Oberhaus

Never RT (It's Making You Stupid)

Smash that RT if u feel like ruining your cognitive functioning.
Sarah Emerson

WeChat Blocks Uber (Again) In Ongoing China Rideshare War

The parent company of WeChat and Uber competitor Didi Kuaidi has “permanently” blocked Uber accounts.
Kari Paul

Apple Is Self-Censoring in China. Is Facebook Next?

“China’s market is too big for them to ignore.”
Jamie Fullerton
Motherboard Blog

Starting Online Rumors in China Can Get You 3 Years in Prison

If a false post is viewed more than 5,000 times—or forwarded 500 times—then it's jail time.
Zach Sokol
Motherboard Blog

The Mood of the Chinese Internet Lights Up the Facade of Beijing's Water Cube

It's not often that ancient Chinese texts about divining the future and social media meet.
Kevin Holmes
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Why Is China's Internet Turning to Obama To Solve a Decades-Old Poisoning Mystery?

Zhu Ling's story begins with her poisoning in 1995, and ends with the Boston bombing, high-ranking government officials, and calls for someone's head.
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Stalking China's Weibo Censors: An Interview with Chi-Chu Tschang

In America, we tend to refer to Sina Weibo as China’s “Twitter-like microblog," but that doesn't quite do it justice. It has 300 million users, more than twice the amount of Twitter itself, and because it's in Chinese, each nugget of 140 characters...
Joshua Frank
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Hot Links: Robots Defeat Fire and Jungle, Groupon Fails, 90s Facebook

The robots are here to save us now: A new Navy training ground has "tracked robots fighting fires and surviving jungles": If...
Derek Mead
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'Three Color Cat' and More: The List of Blocked Weibo Terms Contains Some Real Head-Scratchers

Dissenting netizens in China have to move fast in order to keep up with the government’s ever-changing list of blocked search terms on Weibo. A new Tumblr page "is looking to help":
Ana Tiwathia
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Europe Needs Money From China; Here's What the Chinese People Want In Return

Between being America's creditor to supplying Africa with railways and roads, China has been saving the world a lot lately. Of course that depends on your definition of "saving the world." Europe has one definition: a bailout for Europe. And China has...
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Why You Might Join China's Largest Social Network

h5. _All screenshots by Bill Bishop / "DigiCha": Putting aside the Chinese government’s "little":
Michelle Ong