Daily Dystopia

China Claims It's Scanning Workers' Brainwaves to Increase Efficiency and Profits

Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric told a local news outlet that it’s reading production line workers’ emotions through sensors in their hats.
Samantha Cole

A Motorcycle Helmet Will Call an Ambulance and Text Your Family If You Have an Accident

Many people in Pakistan drive motorcycles. An Islamabad startup hopes their helmet will keep them safe.
Samar Warsi
Glass Half Full

We Asked Early Adopters of Google Glass If They're Excited About Version 2.0

After version one inspired a wave of panic about "Glassholes" and was discontinued, Google's parent company Alphabet is trying again—this time, in the workplace.
Carl Franzen

Nanomesh On-Skin Electronics Are a New Biointerface Frontier

New sensors are basically temporary tattoos that act as electronics interfaces.
Michael Byrne
Handy Invention

Watch a Prosthetic Third Thumb Play Guitar and Hold Wine Glasses

Three thumbs up.
Samantha Cole
Next Level Ink

MIT Has Created a Biosensing, Color Changing Tattoo Ink

These tattoos could help diabetics read their sugar levels without a needle.
Daniel Oberhaus
Tower of Babel

This Old School Wearable Puts a Thousand Languages Around Your Neck

Modeled after the Rosetta Stone, this nickel-sized wearable has 1,000 languages on it, including Swahili, Arabic and Hindi.
Nadja Sayej
Internet of Tingling

Caress Your Long-Distance Lover With These Vibrating WiFi Touch Gloves

"There was a need to be able to touch and feel each other.”
Crystal Ponti
Heavy Duty

Consumers May Be Ignoring Wearables But The Construction Industry Isn’t

From smart helmets to LED safety vests, these new wearables are expected to hit the construction industry this year.
Nadja Sayej

Engineers Turn Human Body Into Bioacoustic Communications Channel

When a handshake is much more than a handshake.
Michael Byrne

Wearables Double Down on Fashion at CES to Cling to Relevancy

The new wave of wearables could be smart clothing, from posture vests to GPS bike jackets, which are on the runway at the Fashion Ware Show at CES.
Nadja Sayej

Why Hearables Could Be the Next Big Thing in Wearable Devices

A new class of wearable device, the hearable, could be the one to finally win over people besides early tech adopters.
Nadja Sayej