In Moderation

Gun Sellers Are Advertising on Instagram and Directing Customers to Encrypted Chat Apps

A leaked Facebook document gives more detail on the type of firearm parts that the social network does not allow people to sell peer-to-peer.
Joseph Cox
drones inside drones

Weapon Manufacturers Are Making Robots That Deploy Other Robots

There's a burgeoning market for robots that deploy robots.
David Axe

The Pentagon's Weapons Are 'Easily Hacked' With 'Basic Tools'

A new government report reveals that it took hackers just one hour to gain access to a weapon system, and the Pentagon didn't change the default password on "multiple" systems.
Matthew Gault
DIY Cutlery

Watch This Guy Turn Rice Into a Kitchen Knife

A new video from the Kiwami Japan YouTube channel documents the process of turning rice—yes, the rice you eat—into a formidable kitchen utensil.
Wajeeh Maaz

Vladimir Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile Is ‘Batshit Crazy’

"This will feed directly into the US nuclear and missile-defense lobby agenda and help them make their case for boosting US capabilities."
David Axe
electromagnetic forces

China's Navy Is Flexing Its New Railgun

But it's possible US naval planners are preparing an even greater surprise for Beijing.
David Axe

The Dark Web Gun Trade May Be Bigger Than You Think

The first study into the dark web gun trade finds tens of thousands of dollars worth of transactions every month.
Joseph Cox
the cyber

It’s Time to Stop Comparing Exploits to Physical Weapons

Analogies may seem helpful, but often they are inaccurate, and only lead to a misinformed debate.
Joseph Cox
Rocket Science

Why You Should Be Skeptical of the US Military's 'Successful' Missile Defense Test

The missile it intercepted was probably moving slower than one fired at the US from North Korea would be.
David Axe
Dude, where's my jet

Twitter’s the Only Tool You Need for Tracking the Military

There's a reason FlightRadar24 has 360,000 followers.
Ben Sullivan

This Site Sells Replica ISIS Suicide Vests and Pressure Cooker Bombs

Know your enemy.
Ben Sullivan
War Is Boring

The 'Mother of All Bombs' the US Dropped on Afghanistan Is Nasty, But Mostly for Show

It's unclear how much damage the bomb caused to its intended target—an ISIS tunnel complex—but it may not matter.
David Axe