Nuclear Weapons

Why the People Responsible for US Nukes Tweeted a Veiled Threat on New Year’s Eve

The horrifying gaffe raises questions about how the US military uses social media.
Matthew Gault

Social Media Is a Weapon of War. How We Use It Is Up to Us

"'Win' the internet, [and] you can win silly feuds, elections, and deadly serious battles."
David Axe
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While No One Is Looking, Trump Is Escalating America’s Drone War

In expanding US drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan, Trump has "shredded" Obama-era safeguards to minimizing the risk of civilian casualties.
David Axe

A Country That Has More Than 100 Nukes Is Just Owning Itself

A new report out today shows that launching more than 100 nukes puts the aggressor country at risk of starving its own population.
Matthew Gault

Why This Guy Uploaded 134 Gigabytes of Syrian Civil War Footage

Jakub Janovský wants people to have the data about the conflict so they can decide for themselves.
Matthew Gault
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Scientists Want the FDA to Designate MDMA a 'Breakthrough Therapy' for PTSD

A new study found ecstasy and psychotherapy “significantly decreased” symptoms of PTSD in veterans and first responders.
Matthew Gault
Exits of Mass Destruction

Nuclear Experts: Leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Is a Crisis of Trump’s Own Making’

Should the deal remain intact, the lack of a US presence in the joint commission will make it hard to enforce or change its provisions.
Matthew Gault
early warning systems

Nukes in the Age of AI

A new report from the RAND Corporation explains how artificial intelligence might affect the risk of nuclear war.
Matthew Gault

YouTube's Scariest Genre Is Military Music Videos

The military-industrial complex knows how to rock.
Matthew Gault

The Pentagon Spent $60 Million on a Power Station in Afghanistan that Doesn’t Work

The US Army Corps of Engineers built an unsafe power station that isn’t even connected to a power source.
Matthew Gault
we're going to die

Nuclear War Experts: 'John Bolton Is an Asshole'

'[He’s] a terrible person who gives terrible advice and treats people like shit. If I were in the White House, I would resign immediately rather than be subjected to his tirades.'
Matthew Gault
ICEX 2018

As the Ice Melts, Nuclear Submarines Train for Arctic War

Hundreds of sailors from the US Navy and British Royal Navy meet under an ice floe in the Arctic Sea for ICEX 2018.
David Axe