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Molli's Oggles

She’s always got her Oggles on anyway. You know how kids are.
Rich Larson
virtual reality

This Virtual Reality Dog Could Prevent Dog Bites

As players get closer, the dog shows anxiety and aggression through body language.
Ian Birnbaum

Make Your Own Wireless VR By Just Wearing the Whole Dang Computer

Erika Ishii and Teagan Morrison turned an HTC Vive and a gaming laptop into a wireless VR backpack.
Samantha Cole

Watching the Facebook Hearing in VR Was a Special Kind of Dystopia

AltspaceVR offered robots and humanoids the chance to watch democracy in action from the comfort of a virtual penthouse.
Mack DeGeurin
The Oasis

In ‘Ready Player One’ Spielberg Regrets the Pop Culture He Created

Steven Spielberg's latest film, unlike the book it's based on, is not just a nostalgic trip through nerd culture.
Matthew Gault
Board Games

Virtual Reality Will Keep Your Board Game Crew Together

Board games allow us to disconnect and hang out with our friends, so strapping goggles to your face seems antithetical to the premise. But VR could be transformational for friends scattered around the world.
Michael Gaynor

A VR Film About Sex Workers Was Pulled from SXSW After Complaints From Its Leading Actor

Liara Roux claims that she never signed off on the final version of 'GFE,' including a nude scene.
Samantha Cole
living with jaguars

Watch the Trailer for ‘Living With Jaguars,’ Motherboard’s New Interactive VR Film

A unique experiment in jaguar conservation is playing out in Brazil. Motherboard went to see how it’s working, and took some VR cameras.
Kate Lunau
Augmented Reality

Internet Artists Invaded the MoMA With a Guerrilla Augmented Reality Exhibit

"Hello, we're from the internet" is an art project that took over the MoMA's Jackson Pollock room without permission.
Mack DeGeurin
virtual reality

Inside the VR Simulation Where Sexual Assault Survivors Confront an Attacker

Researchers in Quebec say it’s the first virtual reality environment designed to help survivors.
Brigitte Noël

The Oculus Subreddit Made Palmer Luckey a Moderator and Everyone Is Mad

Palmer Luckey's new mod status causes a rift in r/Oculus.
Emanuel Maiberg

Cue Up the 'Pulp Fiction' Dance Scene: This App 3D Projects 2D Movies in Your Living Room

Volume is a new experimental project from artists Or Fleisher and Shirin Anlen.
Kaleigh Rogers