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Watch a Giant Gator Named 'Chubbs' Scare and Entice Golfers In Florida

Chubbs and colossal, slow-rolling gators like him are beneficiaries of 45 years of alligator conservation.
Becky Ferreira
thank you ted

'Dick for Two,' the Porn Ted Cruz's Account Liked on Twitter, Finds Huge New Audience

“Love seeing things go viral.”
Samantha Cole
Tiger Drone Video

That Viral Video of Tigers Chasing a Drone Is From a Slaughter Farm, Folks

The truth about a popular video of Siberian tigers chasing a drone will surely depress you.
Sarah Emerson

Nigeria Bans Occupy Video About Its Oil Curse, Video Obviously Goes Viral

Now more people will learn about Nigeria's oil curse than ever would have before.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Somebody Please Punch Us in the Gut With Climate Change

The Arctic is melting. Everybody knows this, on some level, and everybody has some way of rationalizing that concept to themselves, whether or not it is the scientifically correct rationalization. 'It is because of global warming' would be the most...
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

How Michelle Obama's Speech Won the Internet

There are good political speeches and there are great ones and there are those that are choreographed to expand their impact beyond live television and newspaper editorializing to become three dimensional entities on social media outlets. Michelle...
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

This Man is Riding the World's Tiniest Bicycle

Bike culture needs heroes. I'm not talking about pros or speed freaks or record-breaking Tour de France victors. I'm talking about men like this.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

The "Zangief Kid" Bully Caught on YouTube Explains Himself to the Internet

Casey Heynes, also known as the "Zangief Kid":, became an Internet hero last week when a YouTube video came out showing him pile drive a bully into submission.
Motherboard Blog

How To Troll the Internet With Special Effects Magic

In January Luis Carone and Daniel Dias of Jonathon Post in Brazil released a clever troll video showcasing a fake device that supposedly allows you to watch 3D media without the need for glasses.