Wireless Carriers Throttle Video for No Good Reason, Researchers Find

Paying to avoid unnecessary restrictions is the new normal in the post-net neutrality world.
Karl Bode
13 hours ago

Wireless Carriers Now Want to Be the Keepers of Your Website Login Data

But a history of privacy scandals makes them the worst candidates for the job.
Karl Bode
15 hours ago
net neutrality

Pissed Off by Verizon, Firefighters Join the Fight to Restore Net Neutrality

First responders join a chorus of angry Americans tired of big telecom’s nonsense.
Karl Bode
Santa Clara

Verizon Incompetence and Greed Leaves Firefighters Throttled During Wildfire

Verizon has a long, ridiculous history of not understanding what “unlimited” means.
Karl Bode
big telecom

Study Shows How Bad Most of the Country Is Getting Ripped Off By Their ISPs

Most Americans pay roughly the same price for their internet connection, even if their service is painfully slow.
Karl Bode
big telecom

Verizon Didn’t Bother to Write a Privacy Policy for its ‘Privacy Protecting’ VPN

Verizon's 'Safe Wi-Fi' says it "protects your privacy and blocks ad-tracking," but its current privacy policy is a placeholder that says the exact opposite.
Karl Bode
Port Out Scam

How Criminals Recruit Telecom Employees to Help Them Hijack SIM Cards

Sources who work for some of America’s major cellphone carriers tell us how criminals are trying to recruit them to help find new targets.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Port Out Scam

How to Protect Yourself From SIM Swapping Hacks

Here’s a guide on how to prevent and protect yourself against the threat of hackers taking over your phone number and going after your online accounts.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
I See You

Bail Bond Company Let Bounty Hunters Track Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Phones for $7.50

Low-level enforcement were able to monitor phones nationwide with minimal legal oversight. But the predatory bail bonds industry provided a similar, and cheap, service to bounty hunters to track down individuals.
Joseph Cox

Verizon Says It Will Stop Selling US Phone Data That Ended Up in Hands of Cops

Verizon and other telcos have been selling phone location data to companies catering to marketers and low level law enforcement. Now, Verizon says it is cutting ties with certain firms that abused that data access.
Joseph Cox

ISPs Use Facebook Scandal to Push For Bad Privacy Laws They Know They’ll Get To Write

An industry that has spent decades fighting for less privacy oversight suddenly wants to lead the way on new legislation.
Karl Bode

Given Facebook’s Privacy Backlash, Why Aren’t We Angrier With the Broadband Industry?

If you're mad about Cambridge Analytica taking data from Facebook you should be absolutely livid about AT&T and Verizon.
Karl Bode