solar storms

Weekend Solar Storm May Create Auroras As Far South As Vancouver and NYC

The Sun is getting grumpy again after years of relative peace.
Becky Ferreira
totally normal

CryptoKitties Maker on $100,000 Digital Cats: 'It's Crazy'

“If they’re going to value or devalue in the future, I honestly don’t know.”
Jordan Pearson
bad ideas

Canada Is Looking to Airbnb to Help Fix Its Housing Crisis

This is a terrible idea.
Jordan Pearson

A Bitcoin Investment Fund Was Just Approved In Canada

A similar fund was previously denied in the US.
Jordan Pearson
climate change

Sea Level Rise Will Completely Reshape Canada by 2100

Vancouver, Halifax, and Tuktoyaktuk are on the front lines.
Kate Lunau
urban wildlife

Extremely Angry Deer Are Terrorizing the People of Vancouver Island

Deer are encroaching on our cities. It’s bad for us, and for them.
Lisa Cumming
sea level rise

Coastal Flooding in Cities Like Vancouver, LA, and Seattle Could Double by 2050

Some cities are preparing for the worst. Others aren’t doing enough.
Bryson Masse
but it's a start

Safe Injection Sites Weren’t Enough to Spare Vancouver from the Opioid Epidemic

Vancouver took a harm reduction strategy early on, but there’s still more work to be done, according to Mayor Gregor Robertson.
Kaleigh Rogers
Power VR

This Vancouver Startup Is Chasing the Dream of Clean, Limitless Energy Forever

Nuclear fusion is always “50 years away.” But now it could finally, almost be here.
Bryson Masse
indigenous culture

This Augmented Reality App Tells Indigenous Stories in Canadian Cities

Wikiupedia aims to be a digital network of Indigenous knowledge.
Megan Devlin

How Mushrooms Could Help Replenish Forests After Clearcut Logging

Mycologists on Cortes Island are making the case to end the practice of slash burning in B.C. forestry.
Daniel J. Pierce

Vancouver Considers Abandoning Parts of the Coast Because of Climate Change

The city’s new report on sea level rise looks at many options to protect coastal areas from flooding. For the first time, moving people away from the coast altogether is one of them.
Stephen Buranyi