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The US Military Has a New Facility for Overseeing Nuclear War

The C2F, as it's known, is unlikely to survive very long during a full-scale nuclear war.
David Axe
Unfriendly Skies

The US Shot Down a Mysterious Enemy Drone Over Syria

America’s adversaries are gearing up for robotic battle in the skies.
David Axe

The Gear the US Army Wants For 2017 and Beyond

With Russian aggression and the rise of the Islamic State, the Army is searching for tools to deal with what it's dubbed a “hybrid” of high and low-tech foes.
Joseph Trevithick

Greenland Is Very Mad About the Toxic Waste the US Left Buried Under Its Ice

Climate change threatens to melt the ice and expose chemicals and radioactive material.
Kate Lunau

A Nuclear-Powered US Military Ice Base Will Resurface as the Arctic Melts

Toxic pollutants, including radioactive coolant, are buried there.
Kate Lunau
Pokemon Go

‘Pokémon Go’ Is Invading America’s Military Sites

Officials are wary of troops and civilians trying to catch ‘em all on US military installations, including Arlington National Cemetery.
Kevin Knodell
Uber Earth

Uber’s Next Stop: America’s Military Bases

Veterans tell Motherboard that UberMilitary, the company’s outreach program, addresses problems in their lives that the average American may not be aware of.
Nicholas Deleon

A City Mayor Asked the Pentagon to Use Military Drones to Look for Potholes

The US military admits it has flown drones over American soil on at least nine separate missions since 2011.
Janus Kopfstein

DARPA Is About to Start Testing an Autonomous, Submarine-Hunting Ocean Drone

The ACTUV will be able able to spend months at sea, autonomously tracking submarines from the surface.
Brian Merchant
All Fronts

The Monstrous Tree Crushers the US Military Used to Level Vietnam's Forests

The logging machines cleared Viet Cong hiding spots.
Joseph Trevithick

The Rules for Killer Drone Boats Are as Vague as the Ones for Predator Drones

The Navy just demonstrated its autonomous, swarming boats—but what are the rules of engagement?
Jordan Pearson
Motherboard Blog

It's Official, Hacker Gary McKinnon Isn't Coming to America

After a decade of hearings and British court appeals per Gary Mckinnon's extradition to the United States to be tried for the biggest military hacking incident the U.S. Justice Department had ever seen.
Daniel Stuckey