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Internet Insecurity

Founder of Cybersecurity Company Says His Firm Was Sanctioned Because He was Born in Russia

The US Treasury sanctioned five companies accusing them of helping the Russian government hack. But the founder of one of those companies vehemently denied the accusations.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Long Arm of the Law

US Law Enforcement Have Spent Hundreds of Thousands on Bitcoin Tracking Tools

Private firms continue to fill in the gaps for digital investigators.
Joseph Cox
Assessing the Risks

DEA Used Malware Without Laying Out Privacy Risks

According to a Freedom of Information request, the DEA does not have any Privacy Impact Assessments related to using Hacking Team's malware.
Joseph Cox
Press Freedom

Trump’s FCC Apologizes After Reporter Is ‘Manhandled’ by Security Guards

It’s the latest disturbing example of the Trump administration’s hostility toward the press.
Sam Gustin
CSI: Cold Hacks

New Evidence Links a 20-Year-Old Hack on the US Government to a Modern Attack Group

A UK company's vintage web server kept in storage for over 20 years connects the 'Moonlight Maze' attacks of the 90s to the 2000s hacker group Turla.
Kim Zetter

The US Postal Service Wants to Hunt Down Dark Web Criminals

The US Postal Inspection Service is looking for people to conduct investigations on the dark web, as well as those who can gather defensive-focused intel too.
Joseph Cox

How Coinbase Traders Are Fighting Back IRS Attempts to Reveal Their Identities

With the IRS attempting to force Coinbase to disclose the identities of its users, several users have identified themselves and attempted to intervene in the litigation. Who will prevail?
Oliver Lee Bateman

IRS Demands Identities of All US Coinbase Traders Over Three Year Period

Coinbase has some 4.8 million users and 10.6 million wallets, according to the site's own figures.
Joseph Cox
Donald Trump

Could President Trump Really Turn the NSA Into a Personal Spy Machine?

Plenty of people are concerned that Trump may use the one of world's most powerful intelligence agencies for his own gain.
Joseph Cox

The White House Wants To End Racism In Artificial Intelligence

Can education fix AI’s fairness problem?
Jordan Pearson
short circuit

Tweet This TSA Account to See If You Can Bring That Item Onto an Airplane

The much-maligned TSA is embracing social media to improve your travel experience.
Monica Rodriguez

Department of Justice Official Tells Hundred Federal Judges to Use Tor

In a recent hearing related to the FBI’s mass hacking campaign, a judge revealed that a Department of Justice official had recommended Tor.
Joseph Cox