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Scientists Dressed Horses Like Zebras to Figure Out Why They Have Stripes

The experiment aimed to resolve the longstanding debate over the evolutionary purpose of zebra stripes.
Becky Ferreira
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UK Cops Tried ‘DDoS-Style’ Tactics on Drug Dealers’ Phones

The technique likely wasn’t a literal DDoS, and instead telcos cutting off certain phones. But the end result was the same—drug dealers can’t communicate.
Joseph Cox
United Kingdom

A Happy Ending For 'Jeremy' the Snail Whose Genitals Are In the Wrong Place

UK residents scoured their gardens to find a special mate for this asymmetrical snail.
Sarah Emerson

How Did Facebook Manage Such a Tiny UK Tax Bill? With Very Big Bonuses

No "Double Irish" maneuver necessary.
Sam Gustin

The British Navy Bought Artificial Intelligence to Make Its Sailors Better Shots

And it could one day be used to make semi-autonomous weapons more accurate.
Jordan Pearson
Motherboard Blog

Brits Like Their Porn Long, British, and Preferably Featuring Lisa Ann

The latest data from Pornhub reveals viewing trends across the UK, and they're different from those in the US.
Victoria Turk
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The British Are Cycling, The British Are Cycling!

The British government is investing £160 million into bicycling infrastructure.
Ben Richmond
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A New Technique to Strip the Plastic Film Off Trash Will Let Us Recycle Billions of Disposable Cups

The plastic-coated paper cup is a recycling conundrum, but one British paper company has a solvent plan to keep them from landfills.
Lex Berko
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To Talk About Drones, We Need to Know About Drones: A Chat With Drone Wars UK

Chris Cole reckons that the "Help for Heroes culture" is denying us a full public discussion about the ramifications of British drone use.
Sam Clements
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Britain's 'Bailout' for Cyprus: An Airplane Full of Cash

This is no charity mission.
Adam Clark Estes
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Jimmy Wales Won't Stand For the UK's Internet Tracking Bill

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is not too pleased with Parliament at the moment. British lawmakers are currently considering a bill known colloquially as the "snooper's charter" that would track the Internet usage, texting habits and email...
Adam Estes
Motherboard Blog

Tweeting Bomb Threats Isn't Such a Big Deal After All

Paul Chambers off the hook after winning a U.K. High Court appeal against a 2010 conviction for — get this — tweeting. To be fair to the establishment, the tweet was in pretty bad taste. After showing up at the Robin Hood Airport in South Yorkshire on...
Adam Estes