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The UK Is Pushing Zuckerberg to Testify With Extremely British, Probably Meaningless Threats

A British think tank posits that in most cases a formal summons 'is sufficient to embarrass a potential witness into appearing.'
Sophie Kleeman
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UK Watchdog Now Pushing Premature Ejaculation Treatment Rather than Surveillance Reports

The Interception of Communications Commissioner (IOCCO) is a recently closed UK watchdog. But now someone is using the body’s website to push premature ejaculation treatments in place of important IOCCO reports on surveillance.
Joseph Cox
Internet Insecurity

Teen Who Hacked Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Gets Sentenced to 2 Years of Prison

A judge in London sentenced a British teenager who was part of the hacking group Crackas With Attitude, which targeted prominent US government employees.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Narrow Misses

Cryptocurrency Mining Hack That Compromised Thousands of Sites ‘Could Have Been a Catastrophe’

UK and US government sites were affected.
Jordan Pearson
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Drones and Fishing Lines Are Bringing Broadband to Remote Villages

Openreach, a British infrastructure delivery company, came up with the idea to deal with tricky terrain.
Kaleigh Rogers

Canada's Privacy Watchdog Is Investigating Equifax

The credit firm still won't say how many Canadians are affected.
Jordan Pearson
Exported Surveillance

The UK Granted Spy Tech Export to Turkey Amid Its Massive Crackdown on Dissent

Turkey has ordered over a hundred media outlets to close, jailed journalists, and most recently demanded the arrest of a senior Amnesty International employee.
Joseph Cox
Infrastructure Hacking

GCHQ Says Hackers Have Likely Compromised UK Energy Sector Targets

The news comes after the FBI and Homeland Security warned hackers had targeted US energy firms too.
Joseph Cox

This Video Shows How a Drone Creates Airport Chaos

An air traffic controller's view.
Ben Sullivan
New Nuclear

Britain’s First Nuclear Power Plant in 20 Years Is Delayed and Over Budget

The setback is a blow to the European nuclear power industry.
Chris Baraniuk
data breaches

The AA Exposed Emails, Credit Card Data, and Didn’t Inform Customers

Previously, the insurance company said that no data had been compromised.
Joseph Cox
crypto wars

The UK Has a Dirty Secret for Spying on Encrypted Messages: Hacking

Members of the media and some politicians are near-constantly talking about accessing terrorist communications, but are ignoring one of the most viable solutions.
Joseph Cox