Twilight Zone

Why Do Some Rocket Launches Look Like UFOs?

What is the “twilight phenomenon” and why does it produce spectacular light displays during SpaceX rocket launches?
Daniel Oberhaus
Motherboard Guide to Cinema

‘Hunt for the Skinwalker’ Is the First Video Released From UFO-Obsessed Billionaire’s Haunted Ranch

The latest film in Jeremy Corbell’s ‘Extraordinary Beliefs’ series digs into the history of Skinwalker Ranch, an alleged hotbed of UFO activity formerly owned by Robert Bigelow.
Daniel Oberhaus

Republican Running in Key Florida Race Says She Was Abducted by Aliens

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera is one of the frontrunners in the district’s GOP primary.
Kaleigh Rogers

German Toy Pulled From Shelves for Implying Nazis Invented UFOs

Revell’s “Haunebu II” flying saucer model was marketed as “the first object in the world capable of flying in space."
Becky Ferreira
i want to believe

The Pentagon Released New Documents About the 'Tic-Tac UFO'

"It was obvious there was something out there and the fighters were taking it seriously."
Daniel Oberhaus
Aliens exist

How Accurate Were Tom DeLonge's Alien Claims? An Investigation

I compared DeLonge's claims from two years ago with the New York Times's bombshell UFO report.
Jason Koebler
Science Solved It

Scientists Can’t Fully Explain These Strange Floating Lights in Texas

Researchers have been able to decipher half the mystery of the Marfa lights, but some things are still unexplained.
Kaleigh Rogers
Science Solved It

Solved Mysteries Are Way Better than Unsolved Ones

Our new podcast explores the world's greatest mysteries that were solved by science.
Kaleigh Rogers
Motherboard Guide to Cinema

Behind the 'Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs'

A new documentary captures the comedy and tragedy of Christo Roppolo, a man who's been seeing UFOs since he was 8.
Daniel Oberhaus

Guy FOIAs NSA for Area 51 Docs, Finds Diner

The breakfast is pretty cheap, though!
Joseph Cox

A Suicide Cult’s Surviving Members Still Maintain Its 90s Website

It's been almost 20 years since the members of Heaven's Gate killed themselves in hopes of entering the Next Level.
Kaleigh Rogers

Your Coffee Table Needs This Lavish Collection of Retro UFO Pulp Fiction Art

Speculative fiction writer Jack Womack's new book 'Flying Saucers Are Real!' is a window into the paranoid American psyche.
Tim Maughan