trump administration


Trump Admin Secretly Shipped Plutonium to Nevada and State Officials Are 'Outraged'

“They lied to the State of Nevada, misled a federal court, and jeopardized the safety of Nevada’s families and environment,” Governor Sisolak said.
Becky Ferreira

US Carbon Emissions Spike in 2018 to Their Highest Levels in Eight Years

A new report estimates that American carbon dioxide emissions rose by 3.4 percent in 2018, due to Trump's policies, cold spells, and economic growth.
Becky Ferreira
space force

Mike Pence Says America's Space Force Will Seek Peace Through Strength

The Space Force is turning out to be the orbital version of the Border Wall.
Becky Ferreira
Trump's EPA

Scott Pruitt Has Until July 11 to Explain His Climate Skepticism, Judge Rules

After Pruitt ignored an FOIA request for studies supporting his view that humans are not the primary contributor to climate change, environmental advocates turned to the courts.
Becky Ferreira
We Were Staying in Paris

Cities and States Vow to Resist Trump’s Withdrawal From the Paris Agreement

Even the mayor of Pittsburgh thinks Trump’s withdrawal from the climate accord is misguided.
Daniel Oberhaus
Big Cheese

Trump’s Transition Team Asked NASA About Surveying the Moon for Valuable Resources

Internal communications between NASA and Trump's transition team, obtained by a Motherboard FOIA, show the new administration is also interested in how the agency's research helps private industry.
David Axe
not the bees

The Trump Administration Is Getting Sued Over This Bee

The rusty patched bumble bee pollinates tomatoes, apples, and other foods. Now a conservation group is suing the government for delaying the bee's inclusion on the Endangered Species List.
Grennan Milliken

The Arctic Research Commission Has Gone Silent Under Trump

Just days after the Environmental Protection Agency was muzzled, the US Arctic Research Commission has gone silent.
Sarah Emerson

The Science of Sean Spicer’s Compulsive Gum Swallowing Habit

We wanted a second opinion about Spicer's gum consumption habit (he said he chews and swallows more than two packs a day), so we talked to a doctor about it.
Madison Margolin

Memo to Trump: We’re Already Updating the US Nuclear Arsenal

Recent rhetoric from the US President-elect was 'baseless and reckless,' and we already have more nukes than necessary.
Matthew Gault
Donald Trump

California Governor Says His State Will Be a Sanctuary for Science Under Trump

Speaking at the American Geophysical Union, Governor Jerry Brown bashed Rick Perry and Breitbart News, and called upon attendees to stand up for truth no matter what.
Shannon Stirone

The EPA Will Begin Regulating These 10 Chemicals as Potentially Toxic

Asbestos makes the list, but the others are less well known. And the big question remains: will the agency be able to keep doing this under President Trump?
Grennan Milliken