Internet Propaganda

Russian Facebook Trolls Got Two Groups of People to Protest Each Other In Texas

A US Senator revealed on Wednesday that Russian trolls organized a simultaneous protest and a counter-protest in Texas in 2016.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
hurricane harvey

Islands of Starving Cows Discovered After Hurricane Harvey

Though cows can swim better than you might think, they can’t tread water forever.
Kaleigh Rogers
gator squad

A Viral Hurricane Harvey Tweet Is Giving Gators a Bad Reputation

"Education is always key: alligators are misunderstood."
Claire Downs

I Surfed a Perfect Man-Made Wave in the Heart of Texas

A decades-long swell of wave-generating technologies is finally catching a break.
Campbell Watson
Slow Lane

What Living With Modern Rural Internet is Really Like

The FCC chairman wants to make it easier to bring broadband to rural areas, and it's a noble goal.
Leif Johnson
Science Solved It

Scientists Can’t Fully Explain These Strange Floating Lights in Texas

Researchers have been able to decipher half the mystery of the Marfa lights, but some things are still unexplained.
Kaleigh Rogers
Gemmy Industries

Teens Apparently Love Collecting ‘Big Mouth Billy Bass’ and Other Animatronics

Those grating toys from Spencer's Gifts might be worth more than you think thanks to teens.
Gina Tron
A Smarter Gun

The LGBTQ Community Is Locked and Loaded

Spurred by fear of Trump’s America, the LGBTQ community is strapping up.
Ian Birnbaum
Texas Forever

The Company Behind Dakota Access Is Pushing Another Pipeline In Texas

When Energy Transfer Partners announced the project, they didn't ask for permission, but simply told residents a massive pipeline was coming through some of their properties—soon.
Amy Martyn

Corpus Christi Is the Latest American City to Suffer a Water Crisis

Another week, another water problem.
Meredith Rutland Bauer

Three Other Oil and Gas Pipelines, and What They Put at Risk

With all eyes turned to the Dakota Access Pipeline, three oil and gas projects have been making steady headway.
Sarah Emerson

Texans Defend Their Right to Hunt Snakes With Gasoline

Rattlesnake roundups are still a thing.
Meredith Rutland Bauer