Watch Hackers Steal a Tesla

The thieves appear to hack the key fob’s signal to open the doors and start the car.
Samantha Cole
2 days ago
elon musk

The SEC’s Lawsuit Against Elon Musk Explains the Weed Number

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the Tesla CEO with fraud.
Sarah Emerson

Researchers Figured Out How to Hack a Tesla’s Locks in Under Two Seconds

A team of researchers demonstrates how they hacked Tesla fobs.
Samantha Cole

The Joe Rogan Experience Is a Safe Space to Launder Bad Ideas

Elon Musk emerged from a two and a half hour interview with Joe Rogan as an ambitious, fun, weed smoking genius, and wasn't challenged on the various controversies he's embroiled in. That's exactly how Rogan gets big guests.
Emanuel Maiberg

Mechanics are Putting Electric Tesla Motors in Audis and Mazdas

Watch a formerly gas guzzling Audi S5 run whisper-quiet with a Tesla motor and battery.
Matthew Gault

The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

The "Doctor Frankenstein of Teslas" is one of the only people taking completely wrecked cars and putting them back together—without Tesla's help.
Jon Christian

A Tesla Is Not Just a Car for Elon Musk’s Superfans

As electric-vehicle rebates dry up, would-be Tesla owners are facing an existential crisis.
Tracey Lindeman
elon musk

All Elon Musk Has to Do Is Literally Anything Besides What He's Doing

Musk called British rescue diver Vernon Unsworth a 'pedo' without any evidence over the weekend.
Jason Koebler
elon musk

If Elon Musk Cares About Climate Change, Why Is He Donating to a Republican PAC?

Musk should explain how his thoughts on climate change coexist with his financial support of the Republican Party.
Jason Koebler
Unicorn farts

Elon Musk Deleted All His Tweets About a Farting Unicorn He Stole From an Artist

Elon Musk thinks it would be totally “lame” to sue him for stealing a drawing from an artist.
Daniel Oberhaus

Tesla Battery Caught Fire Twice After Fatal Crash, Investigation Finds

Tesla is still using flammable high-voltage batteries in its cars
Tracey Lindeman
Tesla Lawsuit

Tesla Alleges an Employee Stole Gigabytes of Trade Secrets

The company has filed a lawsuit against former employee Martin Tripp for allegedly hacking confidential information and sending it to unidentified sources.
Sarah Emerson