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Election Hacking

Texas Voting Machines Have Been ‘a Known Problem’ for a Decade

The voting machines and their software—not voters—are to blame for votes switching from Beto O'Rourke to Ted Cruz (and vice versa), an expert told Motherboard.
Kim Zetter
Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica Has Closed All of Its Offices

Employees even made a depressing breakup playlist for the occasion.
Daniel Oberhaus

Ted Cruz Really Wants to Know Why Mark Zuckerberg Hates All His Favorite Facebook Pages

Ted Cruz used his time during Tuesday's hearing to transform into your crazy uncle on Facebook.
Sophie Kleeman
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'Dick for Two,' the Porn Ted Cruz's Account Liked on Twitter, Finds Huge New Audience

“Love seeing things go viral.”
Samantha Cole
Cambridge Analytica

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down

How Cambridge Analytica used your Facebook data to help the Donald Trump campaign in the 2016 election.
Hannes Grassegger & Mikael Krogerus
Donald Trump

Trump Backs Cruz’s Plan to Sabotage the US Internet Transition

The GOP candidate has jumped on the fear-mongering bandwagon.
Sam Gustin

Ted Cruz is Trying to Sabotage the Internet’s Governance Transition

The Texas senator’s fear-mongering claims are baseless, according to policy experts.
Sam Gustin
Donald Trump

If You Care About the Earth, Vote for the Least Religious Presidential Candidate

The obvious reason going green doesn’t work is the sheer impossibility of getting the developed world to stop… well, developing​.
Zoltan Istvan
Donald Trump

How the 2016 Presidential Candidates Plan to Bridge the Digital Divide

Broadband access has hardly been discussed during the presidential race, on either side of the aisle.
Meghan Neal
ted cruz

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Join the Latest GOP Attack on Net Neutrality

The GOP’s campaign to undermine the FCC’s open internet rules is intensifying.
Sam Gustin
Donald Trump

Republicans Got Through an Entire Economy Debate Without Mentioning Tech Jobs

Climate change was stuffed at the end, and science was off the table.
Adrianne Jeffries

Ted Cruz Has Never Read CISA

A video has surfaced showing presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) saying he has never read it.
Kari Paul