The Plug

Black Tech Conferences Offer a Lifeline in a Predominantly White Industry

The Plug took a look at more than 15 annual Black tech conferences to understand if and how these niche conferences are shaping inclusive cultures within the tech industry.
Sherrell Dorsey

Trolls Baffled by Victoria's Secret Model Who Codes

Instagram trolls tried to question Lyndsey Scott's coding skills—and showed how pervasive these biases are in tech.
Samantha Cole

The Pentagon Wants to Put Radios on Rescuers' Teeth

The Molar Mic communicates sound by sending vibrations through the teeth and skull, enabling telepathy-like communication straight out of a video game.
Matthew Gault
The Plug

This Tech Nonprofit Is Trying to Help Homeless People Get IDs

Most chronically homeless people don’t have a valid ID and can’t afford to get one. A team of Atlanta entrepreneurs are out to break the ID barrier—which can bar homeless people from getting jobs, obtaining housing, and accessing vital government services
Mary Mazzoni
ride sharing

Lyft Accused of Helping People Cross a Workers’ Picket Line In Toronto

“Woke” Uber rival Lyft is making it easier for people to cross a picket line at the CNE in Toronto, union leader says.
Jordan Pearson

OpenAI Is Beating Humans at ‘Dota 2’ Because It’s Basically Cheating

AI defeating human players at 'Dota 2' is impressive, but it was only possible thanks to significant guardrails and an inhuman advantage.
Matthew Gault

Sorry, But Starbucks Will Not Be Accepting Bitcoin

Contrary to numerous news reports, Starbucks’ new cryptocurrency partnership with Microsoft and Intercontinental Exchange doesn’t mean you’ll be able to spend your bitcoins at the coffee retailer’s locations.
Jordan Pearson

Cryptocurrency Miners Are Building Their Own Electricity Infrastructure

Canadian company DMG Blockchain is expanding its mining operation in British Columbia with its own electrical substation.
Jordan Pearson

Steam Pulled an Indie Game Accused of Being an Elaborate Cryptocurrency Mining Scam

Steam game 'Abstractism' was pulled from the marketplace after users complained that it was hijacking their computers to mine cryptocurrency, and that the game developers were scamming players with in-game assets.
Matthew Gault
Design Bias

Mammogram Machines Can Make You ‘Feel Like You’re from Another Planet’ When You’re Disabled

Physical structures and clinic access are only a piece of the cancer screening problem for people with disabilities.
Rose Eveleth

Canadian Telecoms Make the Most Money on Mobile Data in the World

Is it any surprise that Canadians have some of the lowest rates of mobile data usage globally?
Jordan Pearson
cold storage

A Blockchain Phone Is an Interesting Idea Until You Lose It

The upcoming Finney phone by Sirin Labs and the HTC Exodus let users keep their cryptocurrency in cold storage; but is being your own bank really such a good idea?
Jordan Pearson