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Astronomers Discover Rare Kilometer-Sized Object in Outer Solar System

“We didn't even have enough money to build a second dome to protect our second telescope! Yet we still managed to make a discovery that is impossible for the big projects.”
Becky Ferreira
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Craig Wright Isn’t Mad, He’s Actually Laughing After Public Beef at Blockchain Conference

nChain chief scientist and would-be Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright walked off of a panel flanked by personal security after a confrontation with LightningASIC CEO Jack Liao.
Jordan Pearson
Big Cheese

Trump’s Transition Team Asked NASA About Surveying the Moon for Valuable Resources

Internal communications between NASA and Trump's transition team, obtained by a Motherboard FOIA, show the new administration is also interested in how the agency's research helps private industry.
David Axe

Peaceful Gundam Wins Competition for Giant Fighting Robots

A young designer from Taiwan wanted to show that a battle robot could exist and find new purpose in a peaceful world.
Grennan Milliken

These Taiwanese Businesses Are Turning Trash Into Fuel and Violins

"In Chinese culture, reusing and recycling is in our genes. This is a Buddhist way of thinking."
Clarissa Wei

Japanese Researchers Want to Row to Taiwan on Rafts to Solve an Ancient Mystery

In the age of high-speed transport, Japanese researchers are turning to some vintage methods to find the origins of the Japanese people.
Emiko Jozuka

The Mesmerizing Calm of a Massive Taiwanese Scooter Traffic Jam

It's controlled chaos of the highest order.
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

One Artist's Snail Mail Quest to Get Every President's Autograph

Yi-Ya Chen discussed Taiwan's politics in her letters, but leaders were more concerned with sending back flattering pictures.
Nadja Sayej
Motherboard Blog

From Tao Lin's Phone: Taipei Metro

"Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum in the Metro." But enjoy the self-service libraries.
Tao Lin
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Tao Lin's Photos of Taipei's 'Facedown Generation'

This week's photos are named after a term* in Taiwan, which Tao's mom says she first heard on TV, for people who seem unable to stop looking at their phones while in public.
Tao Lin
Motherboard Blog

Toyo Ito's Biggest Building: A Stadium That's Secretly a Solar Power Plant

2013 Pritzker Prize winner Toyo Ito began his career with luminous and transparent houses in his native Japan. But a sports stadium put him on the map.
Motherboard Blog

Hong Kong Is Now Jailing China's Baby Formula Smugglers

The illicit white powder that Chinese parents can’t get enough of.
Eveline Chao