The Beekeeper Who Makes Synth Music With His Bee Colonies

Bioni Samp translates bee behaviors and sounds into electronic music to help raise awareness of the ecological issues threatening them.
Troy Farah
Motherboard Blog

The Synth Anyone Can Build

These kits are perfect for prototyping as they require no soldering, wiring, programming or other construction, making them into a kind of electronic LEGO set.
Drew Diver
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Conun-drum: Jai Paul's Mysterious 'Album' Leak is a Riddle Wrapped Inside a Really Good Beat

Because writing should be more than a faux-grandoise act of copy and pasting, we’ve compiled a list of reasons pointing to its authenticity.
Ryan Bassil
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'Mardi Gras in a Can': Consider the Drum Buddy, the Mysterious Light-Powered Synth

The Drum Buddy operates something like an optical theremin, giving the stylistically-liberated musician power to make otherworldly, fully analog sounds of all kinds
Mclean Gordon
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MBTV: Electric Independence: John Foxx

English synth legend John Foxx has been making waves ever since he left Ultravox for a solo career in 1979. A stunningly prolific artist, Foxx has continually pushed out precise electronic tracks that show off his deep skill with a synth. That sound...
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

Electric Independence: Emeralds

It's not everyday we get to (or want to) go to Cleveland, but when the opportunity came along to hang with one of the most exciting young synthesizer-based acts in the world, we put our snow boots on and headed (mid)west.