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Drone On

The Bizarre, High-Flying World of ‘Dronevertising’

The Don Drapers of today are turning to drones to hawk soda and car services, even if the regulations are tight and the results are lame.
Zara Stone
the_donald was born this way

/r/the_donald Needed a Safe Space From Lady Gaga's Performance

Moderators deleted dozens of threads admitting that Gaga wasn't as bad as the redditors expected.
Samantha Cole
super bowl

How to Throw the Perfect Tight Spiral, According to NASA

The scientific guide to throwing the old pigskin around.
Becky Ferreira
super bowl

That Time the Super Bowl Secretly Used Facial Recognition Software on Fans

In pre-9/11, pre-Snowden America it was still a far-fetched idea.
Kaleigh Rogers
super bowl

The Super Bowl Is the Last Event That Doesn't Need Content Farms

The spectacle of the Super Bowl is too great to require the internet to even exist.
katy perry

Katy Perry's Sharks Are Doomed: the Economics Behind the End of the Mainstream

A rule in economics explains the halftime show's diminishing returns.
Ben Richmond

Mixed Reviews for Best Buy's $1,650 HDMI Cable

"Compatible with most HDMI-enabled devices."
Evan Rodgers

The World's Sexiest Deaf Guy Upstaged Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys at the Super Bowl

Besides being a deaf sex symbol, Maucere is a long-time actor and advocate for equal rights for the deaf.
Mclean Gordon
Motherboard Blog

We're Super Bowl Hyenas: Why Watching Sports Makes Us Howl

With even my non-sporting friends chattering about buying hundreds of dollars worth of hot wings and making Xanax margaritas, I suppose it's time to get ready for Super Bowl weekend. In terms of championship spectacles, the Super Bowl is unique in that...
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

One Hundred Thousand Sympathy Calories: This Super Bowl, You're Getting Fat

The Super Bowl is upon us and, as usual, it's time to reflect on how little the actual game matters in the midst of all the spectacle. If you're team's not in it, or you're not hate-cheering, like many viewers of this year's game will be, or you just...
Derek Mead