ICEX 2018

As the Ice Melts, Nuclear Submarines Train for Arctic War

Hundreds of sailors from the US Navy and British Royal Navy meet under an ice floe in the Arctic Sea for ICEX 2018.
David Axe
Quiet Wars

China Is Testing Silent ‘Magnetic Drive’ Submarines to Evade the US Navy

The less noise a sub makes, the harder it is to detect on sonar.
David Axe

An Alien-Hunting Submarine Is Being Tested in Antarctica

A look at the amazing photos and stunning science from the ARTEMIS mission in Antarctica.
Daniel Oberhaus
Down Periscope

Trump Wants More Nuclear Attack Subs But There's No One to Build Them

Only two shipyards build submarines for the US Navy. Both are at full capacity.
David Axe
Donald Trump

Why Trump's Plan for a 350-Ship Navy Doesn't Hold Water

His call for the biggest build-up of the US Navy in 30 years would cost hundreds of billions of dollars at a time when he's vowed to also cut taxes.
David Axe
Luxury Week

Meet the Submarine Inventor Who Wants Everyone to Live Under the Sea

Deep-ocean explorer Phil Nuytten is designing an underwater base.
Jackie Wong

Underwater Archaeologists Are Exploring an Undisturbed WWII Battlefield

NOAA explorers are bringing the "Battle of the Atlantic" back to life.
Sarah Emerson

Giant Submarines With Huge Guns

The “submarine cruiser” concept survived WWI and reached its baroque apex in some very large and strange subs.
Steve Weintz

DARPA Is About to Start Testing an Autonomous, Submarine-Hunting Ocean Drone

The ACTUV will be able able to spend months at sea, autonomously tracking submarines from the surface.
Brian Merchant
All Fronts

Poo Sank This Nazi Sub

An engineer turned a wrong valve and accidentally unleashed a torrent of sewage and seawater back into the sub.
Elliot Carter
All Fronts

Why We're Worrying About Submarine Warfare Again

Our standoff with the Soviets may be over, but a future of renewed submarine-borne threats is looking increasingly likely.
Matthew Braga
Hell or Salt Water

That Time the Navy Used the Grateful Dead's Amps to Listen to Soviet Subs

It's a curious, heady bit of Cold War-era intrigue. I had to get to the bottom of it.
Brian Anderson