fake news

Boomers Share the Most Fake News on Facebook, Study Finds

A new study found that age was the main factor that determined whether someone would spread misinformation on Facebook.
Sarah Emerson
Atmospheric science

Chinese and Russian Scientists Teamed Up to Manipulate the Earth’s Atmosphere

The two countries were responsible for disrupting the planet’s ionosphere in a series of experiments this June.
Sarah Emerson

Watch Homemade Lava Explode, for Science

A unique study is looking at the physics behind some of Earth's most dangerous volcanic eruptions.
Sarah Emerson

Earth’s Oceans Have Absorbed Far More Heat Than Experts Believed, Study Claims

A new study says we’ve vastly underestimated the amount of heat trapped by Earth’s oceans due to global warming.
Sarah Emerson
climate change

Europe Wants to Devastate Forests to Double Its 'Renewable' Energy

A plan recently finalized by the European Union would classify wood burned for fuel as a carbon neutral energy source, when it’s anything but.
Sarah Emerson

Finding Murder Victims in Unmarked Graves Can Be Made Easier with Lasers, Study Shows

Researchers were able to detect the unmarked graves clearly, even compared to a control dig.
Kaleigh Rogers
reddit misbehavior

One Percent of Subreddits Are Responsible for Most of the Raids on Reddit

A new study suggests that most of Reddit's drama is started by a small number of communities on the website.
Sarah Emerson
you're being watched

This Is How Much Marketers Know About You Based on One Facebook Like

A new study indicates that it’s incredibly easy to target ads based on users’ personality types.
Louise Matsakis

New Study Finds That Most Redditors Don’t Actually Read the Articles They Vote On

And the world makes a little more sense.
Michael Byrne
Animal Cognition

At Least Eight Sheep in the World Can Recognize Barack Obama

In a new study, sheep can pick out a celebrity face from a rando's.
Samantha Cole
duck sex

Being a Male Duck Is One Big Dick Measuring Contest

Ducks are known for their bizarre corkscrew penises and complex vaginas.
Lisa Cumming
not-so-driverless cars

We Talked to a Driver Who Disguised Himself as a Car Seat

Do people freak out at the sight of a driverless car?
Samantha Cole