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Buy Low, Sell High In the Meme Economy With ‘MemeBroker’

A new app makes you the wolf of Meme Street.
Jordan Pearson

You Might Be Contributing to the Firearm Industry and Not Know It

This tool will tell you if you’re unknowingly supporting the big business of firearms.
Louise Matsakis

Overstock Wants To Fix Wall Street By Trading Brokers for the Blockchain

Patrick Byrne has a new weapon in his crusade against Wall Street: the blockchain.
Jordan Pearson

The Smartphone Game Where In-App Purchases Are Real-World Stocks and Shares

"We think the stock market is the biggest and best game in the world."
Tom Fenwick
short circuit

Steve Ballmer's $900 Million Tweet

Steve Ballmer’s tweet on Friday is the latest to noticeably influence the stock market.
Kari Paul
Motherboard Blog

No, Apple Is Not Becoming Crapple

When we get caught up in this sort of Wall Street navel-gazing, it's easy to lose track of reality.
Adam Clark Estes
Motherboard Blog

Facebook's Stock Is Nowhere Near Bottom

Break out a fresh bottle of schadenfreude, because the once untouchable and invaluable Facebook stock is on a fast slide towards a rocky bottom. The trouble started last Thursday — well, some would argue that it really started the day of Facebook's...
Adam Estes
Motherboard Blog

The Latest Trend at Facebook: Mediocrity

Sometimes it seems like everybody on Wall Street wants Facebook to fail as a public company. After the company's meteoric rise from a dorm room vanity project to a $104 billion company in just eight years, it seemed like nothing could stop Facebook...
Adam Estes
Motherboard Blog

Mike Merrill Is a Publicly Traded Person

Thirty-five-year-old Kenneth Mike Merrill, resident of Portland, Oregon, is a publicly traded person. Just as a person might say their parents want the best for them and are invested in their future, Merrill’s parents are literally invested. As are...
Ali Moran