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Why Are Investors Cold on Nintendo’s New Console?

The stock market is not hot on Switch, but the stock market is weird.
Emanuel Maiberg

The Smartphone Game Where In-App Purchases Are Real-World Stocks and Shares

"We think the stock market is the biggest and best game in the world."
Tom Fenwick

Bitcoin Boosters Are Gloating Over the Stock Market Crash

But the digital currency is having its own crisis.
Jordan Pearson

Marijuana Investors Lost $23.3 Billion in Penny Stocks Last Year

New data shows that pumping and dumping penny stocks for marijuana companies cost investors billions in 2014.
Jordan Pearson
Motherboard Blog

Investors Are Getting Hoodwinked by Fake Twitter Accounts

Demand an IQ test before handing a broker your money.
Austin Considine
Motherboard Blog

What Computer-Powered High Frequency Trading Looks and Sounds Like

With humans replaced by torrents of data, trading has become a strangely beautiful thing.
Motherboard Blog

Mike Merrill Is a Publicly Traded Person

Thirty-five-year-old Kenneth Mike Merrill, resident of Portland, Oregon, is a publicly traded person. Just as a person might say their parents want the best for them and are invested in their future, Merrill’s parents are literally invested. As are...
Ali Moran
Motherboard Blog

To Beat the Stock Market with a Twitter Strategy, Focus on Popularity

Every single day I get messages on Twitter asking me if I'm ready to get rich just by tweeting. Believe me, I am, but I've yet to see an offer from a spambot that I could put any stock in. The idea that you can make money off Twitter is simply hogwash...
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

Life In Post-Econopocalypse America: An Unnerving Mockumentary About How Future Jobs Will Suck

During last week's Presidential address / jobs bill sales pitch, there was something Obama said that might have sent a chill down your spine. While making clear his refusal to stand by while large corporations force workers to lowball themselves on...
Janus Kopfstein