Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking’s Last Paper Is Now Online

The black hole information paradox fascinated Hawking for decades, and is the topic of his final research study.
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Want to Send Holographic Messages to Nearby Stars on Light Sails

The unique properties of holograms could be used to stabilize spacecraft and carry huge amounts of data to the universe.
Becky Ferreira

Stephen Hawking’s Voice Was Beamed to a Black Hole During His Funeral

Hawking’s message to preserve the planet was radioed into space during his Friday memorial at London’s Westminster Abbey.
Becky Ferreira
Thorne's Porn

Did Stephen Hawking Owe A Nobel Physicist a Subscription to ‘Penthouse’?

In 1974, Stephen Hawking bet Kip Thorne a subscription to Penthouse over whether a recently discovered cosmic object was a black hole. He lost, and we tried to find out if he ever paid up.
Daniel Oberhaus

Will the ‘Information Paradox’ Pioneered by Stephen Hawking Ever Be Resolved?

The problem inspired a famous physics bet and a "black hole war."
Becky Ferreira
Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking Has Died at 76

Hawking was one of humanity's most important scientists and leaves behind an ongoing project to send a small spacecraft to Earth's closest star system.
Jason Koebler
Dear Future

We Should Upload Human Minds on Stephen Hawking's Interstellar Mission

This is how humans might finally reach another star system.
Giulio Prisco

To Get to An Alien Star, Scientists Launched the Tiniest Spacecraft Ever

Breakthrough Starshot wants to go to Alpha Centauri.
Jacob Dubé
Starmus 2017

Sexist Comments Spark Outrage at Major Astronomy Festival

A panelist at Starmus said he trusts Siri with a "male" voice.
Kate Lunau
Ad astra per aspera

NASA's Newest Interstellar Concepts Rely on Huge Laser Arrays and Gravity Surfing

Interstellar travel is evolving into a legitimate engineering challenge, rather than an idealistic pipe dream.
Becky Ferreira

What ABC’s New TV Series ‘Speechless’ Can Tell Us About ‘Voice’

Alternative communication systems have incredible potential to support agency, independence, and personhood for people with disabilities. But they do not enter into a vacuum devoid of other injustices.
Meryl Alper

Scientists Built a ‘Mini Black Hole’ Out of Sound Waves

A tabletop black hole emits what looks like Hawking radiation.
Paul Tadich