mount vesuvius

Researchers Show How Mount Vesuvius Eruption Vaporized Blood and Exploded Skulls

Hundreds of people in the town of Herculaneum took cover from the eruption in boat-houses. Their bones tell a gruesome story.
Becky Ferreira

Steam Will Start Moderating Its Forums, But Developers Can Opt Out

Valve will begin reviewing posts and making decisions about what can and can’t be posted in Steam's forums.
Matthew Gault

The First Hardcore Porn Game on Steam Is Not Fucking Around

‘Negligee: Love Stories’ is an uncensored anime visual novel with hardcore sex.
Matthew Gault

Valve: 'It Really Does Seem Bad Games Are Made by Bad People'

Valve shares more details about how it decides who's a 'straight up troll' publishing video games on Steam.
Emanuel Maiberg

'Exapunks' Is a Cyberpunk Hacking Game That Asks You to Print Your Own Zines

This new PC game tells you to code for your life, avoid the phage, print the instructions, and hack the planet.
Matthew Gault

Steam Pulled an Indie Game Accused of Being an Elaborate Cryptocurrency Mining Scam

Steam game 'Abstractism' was pulled from the marketplace after users complained that it was hijacking their computers to mine cryptocurrency, and that the game developers were scamming players with in-game assets.
Matthew Gault

Valve Disables Item Trading for Dutch 'Counter-Strike' Players, Making Their Expensive Gun Skins Worthless

The change to comply with Dutch regulations came with no warning, leaving players stuck with valuable inventories.
Ian Birnbaum
Video Games

Game Developers Dump 'Redshell' Tracking Program After Privacy Backlash

Developers of games like Total War and Civilization are apologizing and removing the software from their games.
Ian Birnbaum

Hundreds of Thousands of Windows XP Users Won't Be Able to Use Steam Soon

Valve is kicking the operating system off its service starting January 2019. Upgrade or GTFO.
Matthew Gault

The First Non-Valve Game on Steam was Weird as Hell

'Rag Doll Kung Fu,' the first game on Steam not developed by Valve, showed that the platform was great for small, weird games.
Ian Birnbaum
Internet Insecurity

An Exploit Left Millions of Steam Users Vulnerable for the Past 10 Years

A security researcher found a serious vulnerability that allowed hackers to take control of a Steam user’s computer.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
active shooter

Valve Has Removed a School Shooting Simulator From Steam, Calling the Developer a 'Troll'

Valve said the maker of 'Active Shooter' is "a troll, with a history of customer abuse, publishing copyrighted material, and user review manipulation.”
Matthew Gault