This Startup Lets You Put Things That Remind You of Your Ex in ‘Cold Storage’

Instead of setting fire to everything, ExBox by MakeSpace wants heartbroken lovers to send their ex's stuff to them.
Samantha Cole

San Francisco Is Fighting the Scooter Trend With Poop and Vandalism

After years of being a testbed for startups, San Francisco is fighting back by literally smearing shit on scooters.
Sarah Emerson
digital divide

Startup Thinks Its Tethered, Internet-Beaming Blimps Can Bridge the Digital Divide

SoftBank-backed blimp startup Altaeros thinks floating internet infrastructure can do more than emergency relief.
Kaleigh Rogers
what are you doing

This High School Dropout Is Lighting up NYC's Dark Fiber

Pilot brings high speed internet to other small businesses.
Kaleigh Rogers
what about the cats

We Asked Bodega Workers What They Thought of the Startup That Wants to Make Them Obsolete

Mom and pop aren’t sweating it.
Kaleigh Rogers

Larry Page Seems to Have Another Side Company Called 'Tiramisu.' What Is it?

Misfiled court documents show the existence of yet another spinoff company from the Google founder.
Mark Harris
masters of their domain

The Owner of Is Leasing the Domain to Fund His Startup

The domain's owner says he can make an impact with an "ethical shopping companion."
Samantha Cole
will it mesh?

I Tested Out the World’s First Off-the-Shelf Mesh Net Creator

goTenna Mesh is now available for anyone.
Kaleigh Rogers
machine learning

MIT Researchers Offer Algorithm for Picking 'Winning' Startups

Their method beats top IRL venture capitalists.
Michael Byrne
Digital Dollars

A Messaging App for Ethereum Just Raised $44 Million With Barely An Alpha

The company is hoping that its user-friendly app design will help bring cryptocurrency to the masses.
Corin Faife

See the Russian Vending Machine Selling Fake Instagram Likes in Action

The company behind them says the devices are coming to other countries in Europe soon.
Louise Matsakis
The Friendly Skies

Now You Can Pay People to Ferry Packages While They’re Traveling

You can also get paid to deliver random items—though most of them are abroad.
Yael Grauer