Internet Insecurity

Online Betting Site Left Employees' Logins and Passwords Open to Hackers

The British betting site BetVictor allegedly left several administrative logins and passwords exposed through a search feature on its site, potentially allowing hackers to break into its internal systems.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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Reclaim the Golf Courses

The world after golfing is a greener, more accessible one.
Jordan Pearson
but also lots of people paid

The Mayweather-McGregor Fight Shows It’s Impossible to Stop Social Media Streaming of Big Events

You could pay $100 to watch on Pay Per View, or hope your mom’s neighbor has a big projector in the backyard that she can Facetime you.
Kaleigh Rogers

Inside Floyd Mayweather's Cryptocurrency Promotion Campaign

This company wants celebrities to be the face of cryptocurrency.
Jordan Pearson
This Is a Cheerocracy

Who Won the Showdown Between Cheerleading Twitter vs. Baseball Twitter?

A feud you didn't even know existed.
Mallory Locklear

ESPN Was Always Going to Suffer Once Social Media Hit Critical Mass

Layoffs at the massive sports network reflect a world no longer beholden to recap shows.
Bryan Rose
Meet Cute

Reddit's /r/aww Is Full of Stolen Dog Pics

Serious business.
Nicholas Deleon
Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Strength Records Continue to Fall, But How Much Stronger Can Humans Get?

Strongmen like Game of Thrones’ Hafpor Bjornsson have pushed their bodies to the limit, but can other strength athletes go even further?
Oliver Lee Bateman
the beautiful game

Facebook Is the Latest Port of Call for Soccer Fans Who Pirate Live Streams

From the early days of weird BitTorrent-based apps to Facebook livestreaming, soccer fans will do whatever it takes to get their fix.
Mark Robinson
TV On The Internet

FuboTV Is Using Its Soccer Streaming Pedigree to Outflank AT&T, Sling TV

FuboTV made its name by streaming the likes of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona soccer.
Chris Brantner

This Robot Is Almost Definitely Going to Kick Your Ass at Ping Pong

It’s called FORPHEUS and it wants to teach you table tennis.
Samantha Cole

Watch the Longest Hail Mary Pass Ever, Aboard the Space Station

Flying high.
Samantha Cole