solar system


Twelve New Moons Discovered Orbiting Jupiter

The moons were discovered serendipitously while astronomers hunted for the hypothetical Planet Nine.
Becky Ferreira
Bygone Planets

These Alien Diamonds Belonged to a Lost Mars-Sized World

Earth survived the solar system’s tumultuous infancy more or less intact. Other planets were not so lucky.
Becky Ferreira

This Spliff-Shaped Interstellar Asteroid Just Buzzed by Earth

‘Oumuamua’s bizarre dimensions have “never been seen in our own solar system.”
Becky Ferreira
future Earth

How Far into the Future Can Total Solar Eclipses Be Predicted?

The Moon is slowly distancing itself from Earth, which means total solar eclipses have an expiration date.
Becky Ferreira
space sludge

Asteroids Started Out as Space Mud, a New Theory Suggests

This is weird.
Kate Lunau
space computers

How the Humble CPU Launched NASA’s Golden Age of Space Exploration

Even today, retro-computing is carrying humanity to the edge of interstellar space.
John Wenz
Cosmic Jam Band

The TRAPPIST-1 Star System Is Alive With the Sound of Music

“The goal is try to convert as many things in space into music as possible.”
Becky Ferreira

We Have Strong Evidence Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Can Support Microbial Alien Life

Scientists find potential evidence of methanogenesis, a biological process, on Saturn’s moon Enceladus—which means methane-breathing aliens could be chilling there.
Becky Ferreira
Walking on Sunshine

Humanity Will 'Touch the Sun' with the Fastest Spacecraft Ever Made

The most ambitious NASA mission you’ve never heard of.
Becky Ferreira
RIP Spaceship

Watch NASA’s Tribute to Its Doomed Saturn Orbiter, and Cry for Our Robot Friends

On September 15, Cassini will throw itself into Saturn after nearly 20 years in space.
Becky Ferreira
alien sand castles

Saturn’s Moon Titan Has Electrically-Charged, 'Sticky' Sand

"If you grabbed piles of grains and built a sand castle on Titan, it would perhaps stay together for weeks due to their electrostatic properties."
Becky Ferreira
Cute Pic

Here’s Our First View of TRAPPIST-1, the Alien Solar System With Earth-Sized Planets

Super pixellated, but still amazing.
Samantha Cole