solar power


Big Rural

In the not-so-distant future, rural America contends with the arrival of Big Solar.
Cat Rambo

Decentralized Microgridding Can Provide 90% of a Neighborhood's Energy Needs, Study Finds

"The new approach could even pave the way for 100 percent self-sufficiency in power, heat, and water."
Nafeez Ahmed
Big Desert Energy

Wind and Solar Farms Could Make it Rain Regularly in the Sahara Desert

Climate models reveal that renewable energy projects in the Sahara could spark a twofold increase in local rainfall, enabling vegetation to take hold.
Becky Ferreira
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How Students Are Trying to Bring Solar-Powered Cars to Our Roads

Solar-powered commercial cars are still far off, but it may be undergrads who get us there.
Kate Fane
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We Find Out How Renewable Energy Could Finally Overtake Fossil Fuels

Experts are banking on solar and hydrogen fuel as the future of green energy, but it might not be an easy ride.
Theo Gibson
Compact Architectures

This Orbital Fruit Roll-Up Could Be the Future of Solar Power in Space

The Roll-Out Solar Array Experiment (ROSA) deployed on Sunday, and will remain open for seven days.
Becky Ferreira
clean water

This Device Zaps Water With Electricity to Make It Drinkable

A big step toward a scalable, energy-efficient water purification device.
Daniel Oberhaus
Hot drop

The Cost of Solar Power in India Just Keeps Falling

It's now much cheaper than coal.
Chris Baraniuk
Water, Water, Everywhere

This Solar-Powered Device Sucks Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

This could benefit people in arid climates and water-starved regions.
Lisa Cumming

Libya Is Off the Grid But There’s a Solar Solution

Power cuts in winter add to Libyans’ woes
Farid Farid
how to

How to Determine If Solar Panels Make Sense for You

Channel your inner Elon Musk.
Kayla Matthews

NASA Needs to Change the Batteries on the Space Station

And it's sending three astronauts on a spacewalk to do the job.
Samantha Cole