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Bees Go Eerily Silent During Total Solar Eclipses

“It was like 'lights out' at summer camp!”
Becky Ferreira
Wild Rides

I Went to the Country’s Biggest Fair to Watch the Eclipse From a Ferris Wheel

Sure, the path of totality will be amazing, but will people there be able to see the eclipse, then buy a corndog, and throw it up on a spinning cups ride?
Jacob Dubé
postcards from the totality

I Spoke to Eclipse Enthusiasts Who Road Tripped to the Path of Totality

"It’s just the idea of seeing something that primal."
Caroline Haskins
future Earth

How Far into the Future Can Total Solar Eclipses Be Predicted?

The Moon is slowly distancing itself from Earth, which means total solar eclipses have an expiration date.
Becky Ferreira
total eclipse 2017

Weed Activists in the Path of Totality Have Big Plans for the Eclipse

The path of totality cuts through some of the strictest places in the country for cannabis legalization. Activists want to get their message out.
Samantha Cole
total eclipse 2017

How to Make a Pair of DIY Glasses to View the Solar Eclipse

And not burn out your eyeballs.
Jacob Dubé
Path of Totality

Inside the Thriving Subculture of Eclipse Chasers

“The experience is just so powerful that it becomes a major driving force in our lives.”
Becky Ferreira

When Astronomers Chased a Total Eclipse in a Concorde

In the 1970s, a small group of astronomers used the first prototype of the Concorde to pursue a total eclipse across the Sahara at twice the speed of sound.
Chris Hatherill

Celebrating Halley’s Eclipse On Its 300th Anniversary

For millennia, humans were terrified of solar eclipses. On May 3, 1715, Edmond Halley proved they had nothing to fear.
Becky Ferreira