bosses lie

Your Boss Is Not More Stressed Out Than You, Science Says

And they're not going to do anything about it.
Jordan Pearson
Surveillance State of Mind

America Pays for Free Body Cameras With Its Civil Rights

The company formerly known as TASER changed its name to Axon and is offering a free trial of its body cameras to every cop in America, but the plan raises alarming questions about the future of surveillance.
Harlan Yu
Donald Trump

US Power Will Decline Under Trump, Says Futurist Who Predicted Soviet Collapse

We talked to Nobel Prize-nominated Johan Galtung, who predicted that someone like Trump would win the US, and that it will trigger a decline in power.
Nafeez Ahmed
All in Your Head

12 Million Reasons to Believe in Lizard People

A new book explains why we're hard-wired to believe in conspiracy theories.
Molly Osberg
All in Your Head

The Scientist Whose Lab Is a Haunted House

A sociologist learns about fear by watching the frightened, and undergoing frights herself.
Chau Tu

Researchers Studied New Yorker Cartoons to See What Rich People Think About Kids

There's a sort of hipsterfication going on with parenthood: Fewer people are doing it, but the people who get into it get way into it.
Ben Richmond

Interview with a Troll Whisperer

An interview with troll researcher Whitney Phillips about her book 'Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.'
Fruzsina Eordogh
Game of Thrones

A Game Theory of Thrones

Is the game of thrones a zero sum, positive sum, or negative sum game?
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Tried Trolling Conspiracy Theorists

What they found is that conspiracy theorists really get into sarcastic parodies of conspiracy theories.
Ben Richmond

The Sociology of Not Being Cruel, According to the Infamous Milgram Experiments

Reconsidering a famous study that seemed to say that we are all really just monsters, at least in the face of authoritarianism.
Michael Byrne

Go Ahead and Feed the Trolls, Says New Research on Internet Comments

Researchers have found how to cut incivility by 17 percent. It’s... a start.
Ben Richmond

We're Sexist Toward Robots

Even weirder than our insistence on assigning gender to machines is that we sometimes treat them differently as a result.
Victoria Turk