social networks

vine 2

Vine 2 Has Been Postponed 'Indefinitely'

Vine cofounder Dom Hofmann says he's "very, very sorry for the disappointment."
Jason Koebler
graph theory

How to Hide Within a Social Network

New graph theory research offers good news for privacy advocates, bad news for the FBI.
Michael Byrne
Signal to Noise

Study Pins Fake News Plague on Limited Attention Spans, Information Overload

As social networks grow louder, picking quality memes grows harder.
Michael Byrne
filter bubbles

Godwin's Law in the Age of Trump: The Conversation Starts With Nazis

The adage suggests that rational discussion online stops when someone invokes Hitler. What does that mean when the conversation starts that way?
Jason Koebler
Special Case

How Twitter Sued the Trump Administration and Won Almost Instantly

Twitter sued Customs and Border Protection on Thursday. By Friday morning, the government withdrew its subpoena for the user information of @ALT_uscis.
Sarah Jeong

Meet the Plastic Surgeon Who Shares His Operations On Snapchat

Matthew Schulman greets his 1 million-plus followers by showing them the gory (yet honest) details.
Grennan Milliken

Terror Scanning Database For Social Media Raises More Questions than Answers

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube are joining forces to mark and take down 'content that promotes terrorism.' But who defines what that is?
Sarah Jeong

Everyone Should Probably Read This Cop Privacy Guide

Stay Secure Online is geared towards law enforcement members and their families, but journalists, activists and plenty of other people can probably learn from it.
Joseph Cox

Facebook Wants You To Embrace 'Social VR' (and Forget About Palmer Luckey)

Mark Zuckerberg shows off a future where our virtual avatars hang out together.
David Bixenspan
Donald Trump

Why Facts Don't Matter to Donald Trump or the 2016 Electorate

In 2016, virality, social spread, and repetition is all that’s required for people to believe something is true.
Jason Koebler

Facebook’s WhatsApp Data Gambit Faces Federal Privacy Complaint

Memo to Facebook and WhatsApp users: You are the product.
Sam Gustin
short circuit

Your Feed is All You: The Nuanced Art of Personalization at Facebook

How do we increase the level of engagement on user interfaces without upping the creepiness factor that is so often associated with today’s personalization?
Daniel Faggella