Social Media


After Facebook and Web Host Bans, Far-Right Extremists Are Encrypting and Going IRL

Like ISIS, white nationalist extremist groups are feeling the pinch of internet shutdowns, but are organizing on encrypted channels and meeting up IRL.
Ben Makuch
Mack Lamoureux
3 days ago

Twitter Removed Links to News Stories That Mentioned Leaked TV Shows

Starz used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to force Twitter to kill tweets about its leaked episodes of 'American Gods.'
Matthew Gault
5 days ago
Video Games

Facebook and YouTube Clamped Down on a Game About Selling Weed

The makers of 'Weedcraft Inc.,' a game about selling weed in the age of legalization, couldn't buy ads on Facebook, and YouTube videos featuring the game were demonetized.
Matthew Gault
super bloom

Jerks Landed a Helicopter on California's Wildflower Super Bloom

Sarah Emerson

Instagram Finally Admits It's a Bra Shopping App

With "Checkout for Instagram," the photo-sharing platform becomes what it was always meant for: shilling.
Samantha Cole

I Went Marie Kondo on My Twitter Follows to Spark Some Joy Into My Feed

Tokimeki Unfollow helped me KonMari who I follow on Twitter.
Samantha Cole

Leaving Facebook Makes You Happier and Less Informed, Study Finds

When researchers measured the welfare of hundreds of people who left Facebook for a month, they found they were happier, less politically informed, more active in IRL activities, and less likely to go back to Facebook.
Daniel Oberhaus
content moderation

Social Media Is Broken, But You Should Still Report Hate

Users shouldn’t feel obligated to help Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants police hate. But experts say it’s still worthwhile.
Rachel Chen

The Earth's #10YearChallenge Is Grim

People are co-opting the hashtag to talk about climate change and the environment.
Sarah Emerson
Nuclear Weapons

Why the People Responsible for US Nukes Tweeted a Veiled Threat on New Year’s Eve

The horrifying gaffe raises questions about how the US military uses social media.
Matthew Gault

Cybercriminals Are Taking Advantage of Venezuela's Economic Crisis

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp social engineering scams have become common in the country.
Melanio Escobar
good habits

Life After a Brain Tumor With Simone Giertz, the Queen of Shitty Robots

For years, Giertz’s robo-fails have made us laugh. Now she wants to build something that will actually help people.
Ali Jaffe