Turn Off Push Notifications

Notifications are no longer used to notify you of anything—they’re used by apps to beg for attention.
Jason Koebler
16 hours ago

It's Time to End the Yearly Smartphone Launch Event

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9. But as we reach peak smartphone, there's less-and-less that distinguishes one phone from the other.
Owen Williams

This Smartphone Airbag Automatically Protects Your Phone When You Drop It

The design was a thesis project for a German engineering student.
Kaleigh Rogers

Inside BlackBerry’s Push to Dominate the Security Market for Autonomous Cars

After its epic smartphone failure, BlackBerry is determined to fend off competitors in automotive.
Tracey Lindeman
emergency preparedness

Smartphone Data Predicts How Survivors Would Respond to Nuke Attack on DC

What would happen if a nuclear bomb detonated over K Street?
Becky Ferreira
State of Surveillance

There's No Public Evidence Huawei Spies on Americans, But the Company Is Getting Blackballed Anyway

Telecom companies scrapping plans to sell Huawei phones reeks of hysteria and protectionism.
Karl Bode

Border Guards Looked Through Nearly 60 Percent More Electronic Devices in 2017 than in 2016

Customs and Border Protection released a new directive Friday with more detailed guidelines for searching phones and computers.
Kaleigh Rogers
screen time

Study of 500,000 Teens Suggests Association Between Excessive Screen Time and Depression

It's a bleak finding, but other research suggests adolescent hyper-connectedness isn't all bad.
Samantha Cole
Right to Repair

Samsung Made a Bitcoin Mining Rig Out of 40 Old Galaxy S5s

Samsung's new "upcycling" initiative will allow you to put a completely new operating system on your old phones to give them new life.
Matthew Gault
Outer Limits

I Broke My Phone Biking 180 Miles Alone in Europe

Without being able to reliably use GPS, I felt lost.
Lisa Cumming
eyes on the universe

Astronomers Are 'Racing Against Time' as Humanity Clogs the Air With Radio Signals

Interference is playing havoc with radio telescopes.
Jacob Dubé
Pixel 2

All Phones Are the Same

The Pixel 2 is the same as the iPhone, which is the same as the Note.
Jason Koebler