Tips and Tricks

12 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone on iOS 11

Your iPhone can do more than you know. With these iOS tricks, you’ll increase your battery life, get access to exclusive apps, connect your phone to a surround-sound system, and figure out who’s calling by the way it vibrates.
Martin Pfaffenzeller

Indonesian Fishers Are Building a DIY Fish Database to Protect Their Industry

Overfishing has threatened to bring local fisheries to a collapse.
Nadiah Rosli

20 Percent of Mobile Cryptocurrency Malware Attacks Are In the US

And infection rates could rise.
Jordan Pearson
Artificial Intelligence

Your iPhone Is Using Machine Learning to Chronicle All Your Bra Pics

A tweet about the bizarre ‘brassiere’ category raised some eyebrows.
Kaleigh Rogers
mineral wars

The Supply Chain Can’t Handle Skyrocketing Demand for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium is “the new gasoline,” but our mining infrastructure isn’t designed to handle the electric car revolution.
Louise Matsakis
but is it squishy

I Squeezed the Pixel 2 to Test Out Our Buttonless Future

Google's new phone can identify an "intentional squeeze."
Jacob Dubé
pop up

Some HTC 10 Smartphone Users Are Getting Ads on Their Keyboards

Ads normally intended for the free version of the TouchPal keyboard have started showing up on the default keyboard of the HTC 10.
Leif Johnson
location location location

The Supreme Court Phone Location Case Will Decide the Future of Privacy

Later this year, the Supreme Court will decide if police can track a person’s cell phone location without a warrant. It's the most important privacy case in a generation.
Stephen Vladeck
Cracker Jacks

Police in Oklahoma Have Cracked Hundreds of People's Cell Phones

Usage logs obtained by Muckrock show departments are cracking phones hundreds of times a year.
Curtis Waltman
Dystopia Now

Dubai Wants to Use Data to Become the 'Happiest City on Earth'

Dr. Aisha Butti Bin Bishr, director of Smart Dubai, tells us about the city's efforts to harvest customer data to improve government services. But who defines what happiness is?
Grennan Milliken
digital divide

Digital Surveillance Is Class Warfare

The poor are victimized by devices and the companies who profit from them.
Jordan Pearson
One Man's Trash

Raid Your Junk Drawer to Make a Wind-Powered Phone Charger

Not fast-charging compatible.
Samantha Cole