People Are Creating Sick Beats by Asking Siri to Do Math

Ask Siri to calculate 1 trillion to the tenth power and it will go hard.
Caroline Haskins
Google I/O

Google Duplex Puts AI Into a Social Uncanny Valley

Google Assistant can now make phone calls, but the people answering the phones at small businesses can't yet form a relationship with an AI agent.
S.A. Applin
Sex Ed

Don't Ask Siri About Your Weird Sex Thing

Researchers asked Siri and Google a barrage of questions in a sex-health battle of the voice assistants.
Samantha Cole
the singularity

The Musk/Zuckerberg Dustup Represents a Growing Schism in AI

Two distinct visions for the future of AI are emerging.
Frank White
What Is the iPhone?

Siri Is Not 'Genderless'

Siri is the culmination of decades of feminized emotional labour.
Julia Dyck
Starmus 2017

Sexist Comments Spark Outrage at Major Astronomy Festival

A panelist at Starmus said he trusts Siri with a "male" voice.
Kate Lunau

Why Apple’s Last Foray Into Home Speakers Was Such a Fiasco

The iPod Hi-Fi stumbled out of the gate, mocked by audiophiles and announced to the world during perhaps Apple’s weakest Steve Jobs keynote ever. The speaker was nice enough, but it simply didn’t match iPod users’ needs.
Ernie Smith
neural networks

How NASA’s Forgotten Search Engine for Moon Rocks Boosted AI

One small search engine for lunar rocks led to one giant search engine for mankind.
Daniel Oberhaus

Siri Saves Another Life: Mountain Bike Pro Andrew Cho

A broken blood vessel left him paralyzed, but Cho was able to drag himself to his iPhone with his chin.
Michael Byrne

Soon You Won't Be Able to Tell an AI From a Human Voice

Google's WaveNet is bringing computerized speech into the uncanny valley.
Janus Kopfstein

The Arrival of Artificially Intelligent Beer

The world’s first beer brewed with the help of machine intelligence is now on sale.
Alasdair Allan
short circuit

Apple Is De-Jobsing, And Opening Up

Steve Jobs’ famous drive for end-to-end control of Apple’s products helped to create and define one of the most successful companies in the world. Now, Apple is finally opening up—and that’s good news.
Brian Merchant