Internet Insecurity

T-Mobile Alerted ‘A Few Hundred Customers’ Targeted By Hackers

T-Mobile has called customers targeted by hackers who were trying to take control of their SIM cards, alerting them of the hack attempts, and suggesting ways to secure their accounts.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Internet Insecurity

There’s ‘No Excuse’ for the T-Mobile Bug That Helped Hackers Steal Accounts

Bugs happen to everyone, but the company failed to monitor for simple signs of abuse.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
blue screen

Fight Popups and Read Emails in This Windows 95-Themed RPG

'Kingsway' is an RPG where multitasking is your greatest foe.
Leif Johnson
Is This the Real Life?

Behold, the Largest Simulated Universe Ever Made

25 billion galaxies populated with 2 trillion particles will help calibrate a satellite on the hunt for dark matter.
Daniel Oberhaus

‘Project Highrise’ Is a Pale Yet Functional Shadow of ‘SimTower’

Project Highrise almost pulls it off.
Matthew Gault
Donald Trump

I Ruled America as Donald Trump in 'Supreme Ruler'… It Was a Yuge Mistake

‘Supreme Ruler Ultimate: Trump Rising’ let’s you rule America as The Donald.
Matthew Gault

'Youtubers Life' Is 'The Sims' for Sociopaths

I played a game where I watched an avatar play games so that others can watch him playing a game.
Zack Kotzer
Why Is This Still a Thing?

Why Are SIM Cards Still a Thing?

Cell phones have been revolutionized many times in 20 years, why have SIM cards stayed pretty much the same?
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Motherboard Blog

One Third of Kenyans Now Have a Bitcoin Wallet

Will Africa's new bitcoin wallet get normal people to start using bitcoin for normal things?
Daniel Stuckey